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Poetry Blogs on the Internet


The links here provide a sampler to Blogs related to poetry on the internet. Inclusion does not represent a comment on the quality of the sites listed or indicate

approval of the content, visitors must judge that for themselves.



The listings here are to sites which may be of significant interest to a  readership with an interest in poetry.

Adele Ward the poet at the bus stop - publisher and poet's blog
Advice for Writers - by Zack Rogow 
After the bridge  - Sherry Pasquarello  
Al Filreis - general comment.
A lump in the throat - literary comment., check out the series posts "poetry in unusual places".
Amy King's Blog poetry and reviews.   independent literature blog, accept submissions year-round
AnnMarie Eldon blogspot   - Poetry site
A Tonalist Notes - A blog mag on poetics.
Australian Poetry - Site on Australian Poetry from Phillip A. Ellis.
A Writers Life - Blog of Kathleen Jones
A Year in Poetry - Diary blog by Fran McMahon
Berfrois - A varied blog
Big Window   -  Robin Reagler; commentary and exploration of poetry.
Black Spring - Steve Tills Black Spring on-line
Blinking Blurb - Writers resourse blog
Bluecoat Poet In Residence Blog - Nathan Jones at the Bluecoat
Bolts of Silk - blogmag ed by Juliet Wilson
Bone Orchard Poetry - Blogmag bleak/ surreal/ the dark/ absurd and the experimental.
Books Iinq - Frank Wilson, Book Review Editor for The Inquirer, Philadelphia
Boomslangpoetry - Kate Noakes blog
Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene - news blog maintained by Doug Holder

The Boynton Blog - Near-daily posts on poetry in the Northwest USA and beyond.

A Burning Patience - the web log of Lyle Daggett
chocolate is a verb - blog by j.i. kleinberg
Coursing Public Thought - Lance Philips Blog
crocodile  -  Blogmag
Crysse Blogspot  - Crysse Morrison writer: fiction, articles, performance poetry.
Damn the Caesars  -  reviews and comment
Darran Anderson - Irish writer
Denver Gabriel - poetry blog
Dick Jones Patteran Pages - Dick Jones' Blog
Displacement - Poetry blog by Fiona Moore
Dropped the Moon - Poetry of Joe Cushnan
Dr Swards Cure For Melancholia  -
Eight Miles Higher - Andrew Darlington Blog

Enfield Poets - Enfield Poets Blog

Evening Bog Standard  -  Creative writing information.
Eyewear - Tod Swift blog
Featured Poets - part of Abergail Morley blogsite.
Fingal - The poetry of Peter O'Neill
Grandy's Landings  - Paul Beech blog poetry and comment.
Gary Lehmann - Blog of Gary Lehmann, poet and feature writer.
George Szirtes - Blog of George Szirtes
Gravity and Light - Poetry and literature blog from Chella Courington.
Gypsy Art Show   -   Belinda Subraman interviews with writers and poets
Heaven - the poetry of Mairead Byrne.
Hi Spirits - Andrew Burke's blogsite
Hit and Run - Fascinating blogmag looks for drafts of writing from writers around the world. 
Howl new generation - Gerard Beirne articles and comments on writing.
Iambic Cafe - Poetry and food.
Ink Sweat and Tears - Blogmag
Innovative Poetry - Concrete poetry by Amanda Smith
Intercapillaryspace - Blogmag.
The Irrational Library -
Irene Hossack - blog
Joysblog - Joy Leftow New York poet blogspot
Lit Drift -  Creative writing tips and information.
Manchester Lit List - Event Information, submissions of poems, publications. Etc.
Maria McCarthy - Poems Stories Memoir - Event and magazine info, personal comment.
Mark McGuinness Poetry - Poetry and comment.
Martyn Crucefix -  Poetry and reviews
My Soul is a Broken Down Valise - Poetry and artwork by Rob Plath
Narcissus Works - Anny Ballardini blogspot

Oaks to Acorns  - Short form poetry blog by Elizabeth Boquet

Of Turmoil and Quest   - English and Duch site the poetry and music of Rob Knetsch

Pages - Robert Sheppard poetics
Perform Poetry Magazine - blog of the emag
Pics and Poems - David King blog

Pink Girl Ink    Weekly posts on a regular schedule

Robert Peake - blog site
Poems Blog - Poems by Rob Radcliffe.
Poems Into the Light - Labi Siffre poems
Poetgal - blog maintained by Robin Houghton.
Poet In Residence - also see "Bard on the Run" above.
Poets on Adoption. - Blogmag
POETRY 24 - News and poetry linked blog.   Blog mag
Poetry and Poets in Rags - An overview of poetry news items in newspapers.
Poetry Blog -  The poetry of Norton Hodges  
Poetry Daily Critique - discussion about poetics and aesthetics.
Poetry Hut -
Poetry International - International blog webzine
POETRY KIT BLOG - Poetry Kit's own blog  

POETRY KITE - Poetry Kit's poetry blog mag - an on-line anthology.

The Poetry Mill  -  A poetry space.
The Poetry of Barry G Wick   - Poets blog
Poetry Reviews - Contemporary poetry reviews by A Paulin
Poetry Tyneside   - Tyneside poets
Poets Soapbox - Andy Humphrey, blog, articles from National Association of Writers' Groups "LINK" magazine.
Poets on Fire - Dedicated to live performance 
Poor Rude Lines - a poetry review blog 
Proximity - the poetry of Janet Jackson
The Point of Life    -   Michael Levy professional optimist
PS SMS: The Poet Society of Social Media & SMS - PS SMS is a micropoetry microblog for poets  who love to write micropoems - poems short enough to share on mobile sms messages, twitter, and other social network platforms.
3 Quarks Daily  - Worth a regular visit, some very interesting articles.
To the Russian PoetsMary Angela Douglas blog
Rumi Nations   -  blog which promotes poetry along with the philosophy of Sufism
Santiago's Dead Wasp - Essays

Shazea Quraishi: Poetry and other Books - about reading and writing  

Sheenagh Pugh  - Reviews, interviews
Sigauke Poetry  - New Zimbabwe Poetry
Silliman's Blog - Contemporary poetry and poetics
Sweet Talking Guy - Andy Sewina aka Danny Wise
Tales from the Typer - protest against the almighty binary digit.

Tattoo - Andre Bagoo, a poet and journalist living in Trinidad.

Truck  - Blogmag with a different editor every month.
Verse Palace - A blog mag dealing with poetics.
Stephen Vincent  - Contemporary poetry and poetics
Volatile Rune -  Some interesting commentary.
Western Writers Centre  - Galway, Rep. of Ireland events listing.
Writable Life - poets and books, the writing process, and the poetry submission process.
You are here - Poetry and activism an Asian-American and the World
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