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General calls for poems and other writing - please read guidelines carefully

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To be considered as a featured poet in Caught in the Net or for our Poem of the Week, please send one poem and bio to info@poetrykit.org mark subject “poetry submission” 


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15th March 2018


Submissions to Vol.44 are accepted from Voices members and non-members alike. There is no fee for submitting poems to the Anthology. Paid up members of Voices Israel will receive a copy of the anthology once it comes out, whether they are published or not, shipping fees included. Non-members may order copies for NIS50 (US$ 25) each shipping inclusive.


Submissions for the Anthology are accepted from December 15th 2017 to March 15th  2018. Poems will then be sent to the editorial board, reviewed, selected, and notices sent out to contributors.  The anthology will be printed by October 1st or earlier and distributed to paid-up Voices Israel members and others who have ordered and paid for copies. Copyright for individual poems is retained by the author of each poem. Copyright for the anthology belongs to Voices Israel Group of Poets in English.


All submissions must be made online via “Submittable”. To submit your poems online please go to http://www.voicesisrael.com/anthology.htm on the Voices website and click the Submit button in the section On Line Submissions.

·         Submit a maximum of 3 poems on any subject.  Poems should not exceed 40 lines including stanza breaks but not including title.


  • Poems should be previously unpublished. However poems that have been included in the monthly Voices Israel Poetry Page attached to the newsletter or were written at Voices workshops and published on the Voices website are acceptable.
  • Translations of living poets' poems are acceptable as long as the translations have not been previously published. The translator must have the permission of the poet if it is not the same person.
  • Fancy or unconventional formatting is not encouraged.
  • Judging is anonymous and the poems will be forwarded to the editorial board without names. No revisions of poems will be accepted after submission!
  • The editor may be contacted if necessary at: VoicesIsraelPoetryAnthology@gmail.com
31st March 2018

Call for submissions
Africa, the UK and Ireland: Writing Politics and Knowledge Production
Finding Common Strands to Move Beyond Neocolonial and Post-Colonial Structures and Discourses, Volume 1
After over 500 years of contact between Africa, the UK and Ireland, and as Africa and her erstwhile colonial master, the UK, continues forging for a more closer constructive engagement that’s beneficial to all, we decided to do an anthology of writings (essays (both scholarly and general), fiction, mixed genres, poetry and plays) that focuses on politics and knowledge production. We believe and feel strongly that (re)imagining and (re)writing on these would help both the UK, Ireland and Africa to find common strands to move beyond neocolonialism and postcolonial discourses and structures into the 21st century and beyond; as mutual, respectful and beneficial partners. We are open to any writing that delves directly or indirectly with these pertinent issues, in any of the genres noted, any topic, any style....., from writers of these regions and countries. Send us your best essays, literary fictions, non-fictions, plays, poetry, mixed genres etc, in English language(s) (or English translations). Send work in only one genre of your choice!
Poetry (3 poems per poet, preferably short poems but we are still open for long poems)
Prose, plays and mixed genres (I piece per writer, of not more than 10 000 words)
Work must be sent in only one attached document, also include your contact details in this document, i.e., Postal address, Tel no, Email address and a bio note of not more than 100 words.
Please send your entries to Tendai R. Mwanaka at mwanaka13ATgmailDOTcom
Closing date for entries is 31 March 2018
No free hard copies for contributors and no royalties but contributors will get an ecopy and also benefit immensely through publicity into both continents and worldwide.
Please adhere to submission guidelines, failure of which we won’t consider your work!!
NB: help us pass the call to your networks of writers from Africa and The UK and Ireland

20th April 2018

Balkan Poetry Today 2018  Call for submissions

What we are interested in:

 Translations of contemporary poetry from SE Europe into English

 Reviews and essays in English relating to contemporary poetry from SE Europe, translation, SE European literature and culture generally


What do we mean by SE Europe? We have no fixed definition and welcome translations of work from the languages spoken across the SE European region and by poets who identify themselves with the SE European region and its diasporic populations.

Please send:

A maximum of five poems along with biographical details of both the poet and translator. We are not able to publish bilingual parallel texts, but having the poems in the original language is also helpful during the editorial process. Poems can be of any length, but please be aware that space is limited and longer poems may have to be excerpted.

For prose, it is best to first approach the editor with a short proposal outlining the essay/review you would like to submit together with a brief biographical note. Prose works longer than 2,500 words are unlikely to be accepted.

Please send all submissions to: balkanpoetrytodayeditor@gmail.com by Friday 20 April 2018 at the latest.

Balkan Poetry Today is published by Red Hand Books. Ffi: http://www.redhandbooks.co.uk/

29th April 2018 Optimum Poetry Zine  We are looking to publish the very best contemporary poetry. We will accept the original poetry from around the world in any form and any subject We are open for submissions.  Send up to five poems to Lucy Turnbull at  lucy71@gmx.co.uk
30th June 2018

Neon Literary Magazine Open To Submissions

Neon is a UK-based literary magazine that publishes poetry, prose, and artwork from anywhere in the world. At the moment we're looking for submissions to be published in our next and future issues. We're particularly interested in seeing work that relates to our upcoming themes of "The Apocalypse" and "Futurism", but welcome unthemed work as well.
Published writers receive a copy of the magazine and a small royalty. Neon accepts reprints and simultaneous submissions, and we'll try and provide feedback to anyone who supports the magazine. Full details can be found on the guidelines page on the website.

Link: http://neonmagazine.co.uk/guidelines/

31st Dec 2018

Call for Submissions: An International Poetry Anthology

Magnum Opus: A Poetry Anthology on Universal Oneness

Submission Deadline: 31 Dec 2018 (Midnight)

Publication Expected: 2019

Publisher: Authorspress, New Delhi, India

Editor: Dr. Vivekanand Jha

The New Delhi based Authorspress proposes to bring out in 2019, Magnum Opus: A Poetry Anthology on Universal Oneness, announces Dr Vivekanand Jha, Editor of the Anthology.

Each poet can contribute just only one poem, not exceeding 50 lines, along with bio not exceeding 100 words. The last date for submission is 31 Dec 2018.