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18th September 2015

The Limerick Writers’ Centre is seeking submissions for a new anthology of LGBT writing. The anthology, entitled “It’s a Queer City All the Same – An Anthology ...of LGBT Writing in Limerick”, will be published late October 2015. We welcome all writers to submit as long as you or your character identify as LGBT.
This anthology will feature poetry, prose, essays and more, and will hope to explore the queer experience of Limerick life. We are looking for work that is sensitive, brave, irreverent, and humorous; above all we want writing that is original, fresh, innovative and varied – work that embodies the strength of the region’s queer talent, covering themes and issues relevant to the LGBT community, but relatable to all.

The anthology editor is Shane Vaughan.

Submission Guidelines:

•Submit by email only,one Word document, with your name and a short bio
•Max word count: 1500 – 2000
•Up to three poems, max line count 40
•Original unpublished work is encouraged but previously published work is acceptable provided there are no copyright issues.
•Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, commentary, and essays are all welcome
•Closing date: Friday 18th Sept 2015
•Submit to:
•Put the words LGBT Anthology in the subject box.

30th September 2015

Fabulous Feminist Creative Writing and Artwork 

Work with a feminist consciousness that challenges the status quo and says things that are difficult to say may be hard to find a home for, but it's exactly what S/tick is looking for. S/tick provides a place for women and feminists to share their grief, anger, and joy. Please send us your bright and touching art, poetry, and prose with a biting feminist bent. Preference will be given to women and artists in Canada, though if neither of these red dresses fits you, simply ensure you redress something of interest to women!

See submission requirements: 

31st October 2015 Scrittura Magazine is an online literary magazine, launched in 2015 by three Creative Writing graduates who want to provide a platform to showcase new and exciting writing from across the world. With its first issue aiming to hit the digital shelves by 14th September 2015, we’re looking for new great work to feature. If you would like to submit your writing, be it poetry, prose or script then please email your submission to
Please read our submission guidelines before submitting any work.
Current submissions deadline: 31st October 2015

31st October 2015

RHINO: Open for submissions for the 2016 issue!

RHINO is an annual beautiful print journal with significant online content. We’re now open for general submissions for our 2016 issue!

We have two submissions periods yearly: General submissions accepted April 1 – August 31; and Founders’ Prize submissions accepted September 1 – October 31 (with a $10 reading fee). We accept only one submission per submitter each reading 

31st October 2015


This is an invitation to submit polemical poems or prose polemics of a socialistic persuasion to be considered for inclusion in what will be The Recusant's new online sister site, Militant Thistles. This site will be continuing in the spirit of The Recusant/Caparison's two anti-austerity anthologies, Emergency Verse and The Robin Hood Book, to which many of you were contributors.

Now I want your contributions again -as well as those from other poets and writers of a sympathetic persuasion.

Themes and memes I'm particularly keen on contributors tackling: poor doors, homeless spikes, anti-squatting laws, bedroom taxes, rise in food banks, red-top and blue-torch anti-welfarism (or 'scroungerology'), and all other forms of Malthusian discriminations currently 'acceptable' in our Tory austerity society.

Please send your contributions in the body of the email, together with a brief biog of yourself, including previous publications and journal appearances. And please put 'Militant Thistles' in the header of your email so I can differentiate it from a Recusant submission.

I plan to go public with the website once we have a sufficient quantity of accepted contributions to make as much impact as possible.

15th November 2015

Cyclamens and Swords

Our December 2015 edition will be a general issue for poetry.

Awaiting your poetry submissions on any subject

Short stories on ANY SUBJECT

Our Artwork section in April will include a photography section.
Please submit up to 3 pieces of art or artistic photography.

Early submissions stand a better chance of being published!

For submission guidelines, please go to:

5th Novemeber

The Great Northern Slam Slammers Wanted
Have you been spreading the word at the Edinburgh Fringe this year? Were you at Poets and Words at Glastonbury? Fancy your chances Slamming at Northern Stage?
In November Radikal Words is running a poetry slam. Sixteen poets will enter the ring, the poets will perform in pairs and the audience will vote on who goes and who stays. Only one will be the winner and carry away the fantastic prize of £40.00 and the prestigious title of Bare Knuckle Poetry Slam Champion 2015.It’s slam poetry but not as we know it, it will be brutal, there may be blood, the ring will be littered with the verbs and adjectives of the fallen but from the sweat and spit will emerge one winner to take the prize and the title. Are you big enough to take part? Do you have four poems of less than three minutes in length?It will be a night of fun and noise and the chance for one person to be  Bare Knuckle Poetry Slam Champion or message on Facebook Radikal Words to enter Bare Knuckle Poetry Slam 2015 Northern Stage Newcastle  Thursday 5th November

31st December 2015

The Sunflower Collective is looking for submissions. We celebrate the personal and the political - which we believe to be one and the same thing - in art.

We would like to mention at the outset that we are not interested in art that does not take risks. We do not mind if you have a degree but we are unlikely to be impressed by it. Nor do we care which journals have published your work before. All we are interested in is something that sings for itself without any props, something that grabs us by our throat and refuses to let go, something that shakes us out of our complacent stupor. Give us something hungry, not bellyful; something beat, if you get our drift.

We express our inability to publish anything that propagates either left-wing or right-wing fascism.

Please send us your poems, prose, artwork and photographs in the body of the mail at with the subject line mentioning your genre of Submissions. Do read the submission guidelines before sending your work.

Submission Guidelines

1) Poetry: 1-5 poems (Around 5 pages of poetry in total). All forms, including Haikus and Tankas.

2) Experimental and Graphic poems: 1-5 poems (Around 5 pages of poetry in total) including Haibuns and prose/Jazz poems.
3) Prose: 2000-3000 words ( Fiction/ Non Fiction/ Experimental/Memoirs)
4) Translation: Poetry -1-5 poems (Around 5 pages of poetry in total); prose- 2000-3000 words (Fiction/ Non Fiction/ Experimental/Memoirs)

5) Art work and Photographs/ Photo Essays (5-10 in JPEG format and must not exceed 250K in size )

6) Format: Poetry and prose submissions to be sent in the body of the mail, unless there are specific formatting requirements from the author (Needs to be mentioned in the mail). Photos and scanned artwork in zipped folders. Photo essays in MS Word with zipped folders of JPEG images separately    attached.
7) Font: Times New Roman-12 pt.

28th February 2016

Little lantern Press are accepting submissions of poetry (1 - 6 poems) and short stories (1 - 2 pieces) for Skylark Review, a twice yearly print magazine. Our submissions page containing our full guidelines can be found at Our reading periods are 1st March - 31st August and 1st October - 28th February. There are no submission fees and payment for accepted work is one copy of the magazine. Please visit our website for subscription information as well as any open calls for anthologies and poetry pamphlets. We can also be found on Facebook at