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General calls for poems and other writing - please read guidelines carefully

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To be considered as a featured poet in Caught in the Net or for our Poem of the Week, please send one poem and bio to mark subject “poetry submission” 


15th September 2014

Parts of the Whole: Poetry of the Body is looking for poems about the body. Please submit up to 4 poems in any style to the editors at between now and September 15. No poem should exceed 80 lines or approximately 2 pages. Include a brief 150 words or less bio and attach poems in Word or RTF. Also, we would like to see a brief explanation of how the poet believes this work fits into our theme. We will consider previously published poems so long as you acknowledge it was previously published in the cover letter and let us know if the anthology can obtain reprint rights for free or low cost. Editors: M. E. Silverman and Jillian Phillips

15th September 2014

 Warning, Poems may be longer than they appear: an anthology of Longish Poems is looking for poems between 3 to 6 pages or 100 to 200 lines on any theme or subject. Please submit 1 longish poem or a series of strongly linked poems (not linked merely by theme) to the editors at between now and September 15. Include a brief 150 words or less bio and attach poems in Word or RTF. We will consider previously published poems so long as you acknowledge it was previously published in the cover letter and let us know if the anthology can obtain reprint rights for free or low cost. Obviously, rare exceptions may be made. If you are submitting a previously published poem, you may submit a second longish poem that is unpublished. At this time, we do not have a press. Editors: Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum and M. E. Silverman, foreword by T. R. Hummer.

20th October 2014

‘SLAMbassadors UK is the Poetry Society’s national youth slam championships, the longest running in the country. Established in 2002 it is committed to finding and nurturing the next generation of spoken word artists. Entries are submitted via filmed poem on the theme of Identity, and will be judged by a panel of artists including Kate Tempest. The 6 final winners will be invited to London to attend a master class led by poet Joelle Taylor, before performing a debut professional set at the Royal Festival Hall on October 31st. Open to all 12 -18 year olds resident in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Closing date: midnight October 20th 2014. Entry details:

1st November 2014

Neon Literary Magazine Seeks Submissions For Issue 39  Deadline: 1st November 2014

UK-based literary magazine Neon is looking for short stories and poetry to publish in an upcoming issue. Simultaneous submissions and reprints are accepted, and our response time is less than one month. Accepted contributors receive a copy of the magazine and a small royalty.
To get an idea of the kind of work Neon publishes, please read an issue (it's free to do so online). If you think your work might be suitable, then visit the "Guidelines" page ( for more information on how to send your work.

14th November 2014.

My name is Neely Goniodsky, and I am an independent animator based in Seattle, WA.  

I invite you to submit your poetry to my Animated Poetry Contest! By mid November, I will be selecting one poem and turning it into an animated film -- with professional voice-over narration and an original musical score.

What am I looking for? Long or short, tragic or comic, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s good. Brilliant? Even better.  

Why participate? An animated version of your poem will make your work more publicly accessible, AND you will also get worldwide distribution to film festivals. 

Details: The author of the selected poem will receive a copy of the finished film, which can be used as a promotional video. The film will be distributed to International Animation Film Festivals around the world. In case of cash prizes, the poet will receive 15% of all monetary festival awards. 

Please send your poems to animatedpo​​m 

Deadline for submissions: November 14th, 2014

Winner Announced: December 26th

Production completed: March 27th, 2015

1st December 2014

'Ouse is a bi-annual print devoted to poetry within the arts.

Ouse has now opened its 'call for submissions' on the forthcoming Autumn/Winter issue. Guidelines are as follows:
1) Please send no less than three and no more than six poems with each submission
2) Poems must be the original work of the author and not have been published prior to your current submission
3) All submissions are to be posted to our office address (below). We will not accept email submission as we will not run an internet platform for our current publication programme
4) Please ensure the following checklist has been met before posting i) A4 page with name, titles, 50 word bio ii) Poems are printed on separate A4 pages showing the authors full name on each page iii) adequate postage fees are met, and iv) enclose a SAE for editorial response
5) Please ensure copies of each poem are kept for personal reference as submissions will not be returned
SUBMISSIONs sent to: Ouse Editions, Bakery House, 1 Trent Road, London, SW2 5BJ
Our guest editor will select and notify successful contributors within 28 days of the closing date: 1st December 2014
This issue welcomes the London based poet Ryan Whatley as guest editor.
Here is the advice he gives contributors for the Autumn/Winter addition:
'I once heard that a truly accomplished lyric poem is one that is able to bring the invisible thought into the visible domain. Well, I will be selecting poems that target and achieve the opposite. I will be on the look out for poetry that realises its status through formal control and by making the visible poem an invisible extension of the active world. I want to encourage contributors to be daring - to be technically astute, of course, but most of all, to be daring. Theme, tone, timbre and tenor are at the poet's discretion. 

My editorial process will begin by weighing each poem, individually, to produce a working long list, before moving on to the critique of each submission, in total, so as to clarify any inkling or intrigue I have of artistic intention. Good luck.'
Ouse promotes funding for the arts and this includes paying its contributors. If successful you will be notified of which category your submission has entered, which are as follows:
Category A - £10 for 1 poem
       ".     B - £30 for 2-3 poems
       ".     C - £50 for featured poet*
*Featured poets will be invited to publish between three and five poems and subsequently interviewed by our guest editor in discussion around the merits of their work'