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On-line Poetry Magazines/Literature Sites

Where possible the host country of the ezine will be shown by a code following the entry.

This is not meant to limit the possibility of submission as all magazines shown here accept submissions from around the world unless otherwise stated.

2 River View    Since 1996, 2River has been a site of poetry, art, and theory, quarterly publishing The 2River View, and occasionally publishing individual authors in the 2River Chapbook Series submission guidelines. (US)

42opus - innovative literature, art, design site.  Editor: Michael Leary (US)

Abalone Moon - (US)
Abramelin  - blog journal (US)
Absent magazine   may be dormant       (US)

ABCTales - More short story and forum based now. (UK)

A Few Lines Magazine - online-based magazine centered out of Southern California. Quarterly issue, and take submissions year round. Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Essays/Creative-Non-Fiction, and Visual Art. To submit,  visit and follow the link to our submishmash.  (US)
After Tournier' seeks original poems from quality writers. The url is Submission guidelines are on the website  (Canada)

Agnieszka's Dowry  Poetry e-zine from A Small Garlic Press.(not updated in some time)  (US)

Alba - a journal of short poetry. poetry 12 lines or less. (US)

Allegro Poetry Magazine -   accepts poems up to 40 lines in length. Published twice a year, Autumn and Spring. (UK)

Alice Blue Review - twice yearly  (406) (US)

A Little Poetry - ezine that includes a place for poets to store their own pages. (US)

Amaze     Dedicated to developing, promoting, and publishing cinquains. (22505) (US)

Ambassador Poetry Project - Magazine for poets in the Michigan / Oregon artea of the USA or poetry about those areas,    (US)
Ambulant     (US)

Ancient Heart   - Based in Sydney, Ancient Heart Magazine is a continuation of the former UK poetry magazine in a new format. The mag is now in blog format and submissions are to be made by leaving a comment on the last entry to appear. Editor Richard James van der Draay . Looking for eclectic, passionate and surprising poems.

Angelic Dynamo Magazine - magazine selection chosen by readers votes. No new postings in some time.  (UK)  (808)

Angle Journal of Poetry in English is a twice-yearly, form-friendly online venue.   The Journal is published in pdf format hosted at (UK)

Antiphon.  published four times a year.  best in contemporary poetry, and feature reviews and articles with an emphasis on UK poetry and reviews of small press publications.   Submission is online - please see website for guidelines.  (UK) 

Arsenic Lobster -  (US)

Ascent Aspirations - Poetry and fiction with a dark edge. (Canada) (22505) is an Internet resource for writers in Ireland and Britain. Includes general writing news and news of writing, events, and competitions, in addition to a growing list of reviewed writer-relevant websites. Update every Saturday.
Editor: Brendan Nolan 138 Esker Lawns, Lucan, Co Dublin. Ireland
tel: (353) 01 628 11 25 email:, (NO attachments please)
(Ireland) publishes poetry by a different local feature poet each month, as well as maintaining a live poetry gig guide, news, and links section. (New Zealand)

Babel Fruit An online journal for "writing under the influence", seeking literary responses to the other. Poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, fiction, reviews and "previews".      (108)  (Denmark)

Bareback literary Magazine publish every month, aresponse time 3-6 weeks, we accept email submissions ~

To submit to our magazine the submission guidelines can be read at  (USA)

Bare Hands Poetry - The link is here -  - Contemporary poetry from around the world. Ten poems will be published each month.…(UK)

Beltway - Poetry quarterly - (USA)

Beyond The Pale  - email magazine - editor - Joshua Hamilton (UK)

Big Bridge - ezine of Big Bridge Press  Editor: Michael Rothenberg (USA)  Box 870, Guerneville, CA 95546. we only accept e-mail submissions

Big Pond Rumours - see website for submission and contest details.  (CAN)

Big Toe Review  - Flash fiction and poetry.   (USA)  (506)

Big Ugly Review Flash fiction, short stories, poetry and non-fiction accepted. (USA) (31105)

Blackbox Manifold for innovative poetry with 'prose, narrative, or sequences in its sights.   (UK)  (708)

The Black Market Review, Edge Hill University’s literary e-journal, invites submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, art, photography, translations, and book reviews for its inaugural issue. Please email submissions and a brief bio to  

Blart Magazine - Magazine for inovative poetry.    (UK)

BlazeVOX 2K4    Post Avant Poetries and Fiction.   (USA)  (307)

Blood Lotus    Blood Lotus welcome submissions from both established and emerging writers.  Poets: send 3-5 poems of free or formal verse.   (USA) 
The Blue Hour Magazine.        (USA)
The Blue Jew Yorker - Textual and visual expression by Jewish and non-Jewish authors. An assembly of poems, essays, visual art and conversation that vivify the elusive cultural space of New York.  (USA)  (161004)
BMP Press - New Zeeland on-line mag encourages local as well as international submissions. (New Zeeland) (406)
Bone Orchard Poetry - Blogmag bleak/ surreal/ the dark/ absurd and the experimental. (Ireland)

Born Magazine  - An experimental venue marrying literary arts and interactive media,  (USA)   (506)  

Brain of Forgetting - Submissions of graphic literature and visual art are also welcome. Please view for full guidelines before submitting.  (Ireland)

Boxcar Poetry Review - Seeks top quality poetry, artwork, photography, interviews, and reviews.  (USA)   (906)  

Butchers Dog Magazine - biannual poetry magazine, founded in the North East of England.   (UK)
CADAVERINE  - publishes the best new poetry and prose by emerging authors under the age of 25.  (UK)

Caffeine Destiny   - Check website to see if they are accepting submissions.    (USA)  (506)

The Camel Saloon is an online poetry bar located at:   The joint opened in May 2010 and publishes in the United States on a rolling basis.  The beer is cold, the whiskey Irish, and the door is always open for submissions.  Send one to three poems, short prose pieces or other material in the body of an email to  Dromedaries, malcontents and jewels in the world are welcome. (USA)
Canopic Jar - In English and French - reading periods apply.   (USA)
Cerise Press Literary Journal  featuring artists and writers in English and translations, with an emphasis on French and Francophone works. (USA)

centrifugalforces - e-zine for mobile 'phone users. Editor: Andy Wilson (UK)

Century 121 - Wordpress blog magazine   (UK)

Cha - dedicated to publishing English literature from and about Asia.  Means of Submission:   (China)

ChickenBones - African-American web site. Editor: Rudolph Lewis (USA)

The Cleave - update: at least weekly submit by email.  address for subscriptions and submissions:  This is a webzine for a new poetic form: cleave poetry.    (UK)  

Clickable Poems An Electronic Hypertext Linking Poetry, History and Culture. This is an e-journal featuring new poems and translations, updated listings of traditional poems, and a resource for anyone interested in the history of poetry in its various media (i.e., oral, script, print, or electronic).  (USA

Conte an online journal of narrative writing. (USA)

Contemporary Poetry Review - Devoted to poetry criticism (USA)

Conversation  - The English-language magazine of the Conversation International.   (UK)   (109)

Cooldog E-Mag  – our on-line magazine filled with high quality short stories and poetry by developing writers. For readers seeking original, well-written and entertaining new writing, a subscription to the Cooldog E-Mag is the best way to find it. This on-line magazine is published 3 times a year and contains an excellent range of new material from up-and-coming writers. It costs just £10 per year. Go to our website at and sign up today.   (UK)  

Corium Magazine -     New issues will run in March, June, September and December.   (USA)

The Cortland Review An Online Literary Quarterly in RealAudio™ with monthly features and interviews. (USA)

Cracked Teeth Magazine - literary magazine with art, poems, articles, short stories.  (UK)

Creature Magazine - Very innovative site and magazine  (UK)   (1006)

crocodile  -  Blogmag  (UK)

Dalityapi is a monthly ezine that features contemporary Philippine poetry. Also welcomes poetry submissions from international poets and literati. (Philippines)

Dandelion Farm Review - blogzine (USA)
Dark Fountain Journal - PDF journal   (USA).
The Death Cross Monk    An Art Journal.  Open to new submissions. We encourage avant-garde works, surrealism, anything on the dark side or highly experimental.  (USA)
Ditch Poetry  (UK)
Dreaming Methods - The site features experiments in animated and multimedia writing and poetry. Editor:Andy Campbell (UK)

The Drunken Boat - (USA). (26205)

Ducts - (USA).
Eat a Peach Poetry Journal    - (USA).

Eclectica - Quarterly - guidelines    (USA)(USA).

Ekleksographia -     (Japan)
Emprise Review- a new literary journal.  (USA).

Empty Mirror  Updated on a continuous basis, as we receive new material. Includes poetry, essays, reviews, interviews, & literary/arts news, and the Beat Generation. Submit online. Since 2000.   (USA).

Ends of the Earth Magazine - Details on how to submit work can be found at     To subscribe to the magazine please send an email to with Subscribe in the subject line.  (UK)

Fade poetry journal - available online and in print around parts of Staffordshire.  Invite submissions from anywhere. Entries can be e-mailed to or posted. No more than four submissions per entry. For postal address and more information,  visit' - Stanford University based literary ezine. (USA)

The Fairfield Review - taking a short sabaticle will return soon, check website. (USA)

Finger Dance Festival - For those Facebook users out there, Fingerdance is also running a monthly micro poetry challenge called /w3:ds/

Check out Facebook group for more details:" is an online magazine, featuring typography, poetry and essays on language and the philosophy of language, literature and design. Submissions are invited in any of the subject areas. They should be sent to (UK)

The first cut is an online journal based in Ireland which welcomes submissions from anywhere in the world. It is modelled on the better aspects of a writer's group - friendship, encouragement and criticism that is genuinely constructive. It is published bi-monthly but the comment section is open to subscribers on a rolling basis. Submission is by e-mail to and the journal can be browsed at:    (Ireland)

First Thought - Publishes short verse, prose poems and haibun, two to three times monthly.  (USA)

Flannel  accept all form, styles, voices but are seeking particularly minimalist poetics.submit by e-mail to    (UK)

FlashPoint. Poetry, essays, fiction, graphics. E-mail: (USA)

FleetingMagazine  - You can also follow us at   (UK)

Foliate Oak - poetry and short story mag. Plus annual printed anthology. (19505) (USA)

Fox Chase Review    (908)   (USA)

Frigg Magazine A magazine of fiction and poetry. Edited by Ellen Parker. Email subs accepted. (USA)

Gangway Literary Magazine - International magazine based in Australia and Austria   (Australia)
Gemini Magazine - Open for submissions  (USA)

Ginosko Literary Journal - - short run print magazine in San Fransisco area posted as an emag.  (1006) (USA)

Glass - Open for submissions  (USA)
Glass Treehouse Review   (UK)
Green Door poetry blog mag.  (UK)
GutCult - Open for submissions  (USA)
Gutter Eloquence Magazine - Adult  (USA)

Haggard and Halloo - a venue for poets to post and have others read their work Editor: Travis Catskull (USA)

Hamilton Stone Review - An excellent magazine. (USA)

Here and Now - a mix of older poems by well known poets with work from newer poets.   (USA)
Hearsay Poetry Written by Lawyers, calls for submissions. Any subject, any form original poetry written by attorneys. Send up to three poems, cut and pasted into body of email(no attachments) to (USA)

Hermes Poetry Journal We're open to all poems, but will favor poems about an epithet, no matter how ambiguous, relating to Hermes. (UK)

Heron's Nest (The) - Haiku journal. March, June, September, and December each year. (USA)

Hit and Run - Fascinating blogmag looks for drafts of writing from writers around the world.   (USA)
Horse Less Review - check to see if open for submissions - (USA)
The  Hour of Lead - submissions in a variety of forms, including: video content (readings, music & poetry splices etc.    (UK)
HOW2 will focus on innovative reading/s-writing in answer to other writing, from opened perspectives & models. It will publish new works inside and out of the poem's genre; originals & reprints of essays; reflections, letters, journals, paragraphs, graphics; in-progress drafts, research, translations, alphabets, cross-overs.   Inquiries to: or 
Hulltown 360 Literary Journal    We are an online literary journal from Midlothian, VA, USA.  We publish quarterly and accept submissions of fiction, poetry, art and photography. Our web address is  .  You will find our submission guidelines there.

inc A site that represents and promotes a number of poets (UK)

I Love Poetry Very mixed quality (USA)

Istanbul Literature Review - Poetry short stories, articles.   (Turkey)

Jack JACK Magazine is an offshoot of Beat Generation News.   Editors: Mary Sands and Michael Rothenberg. (USA)

Jacket (see new listing bel,ow)  A stylish Australian ezine edited by the leading Australian poet, John Tranter, who is interviewed elsewhere in The Poetry Kit.    (26704) (Australia)

Jacket 2 - The new Jacket - editor now - Al Filreis at the University of Pennsylvania (USA)
Junction-box  -  Poets, primarily, but also other kinds of artist, contribute prose pieces on any subject of interest to them, personal, political, artistic, cosmological...  the field is entirely open. 
Submissions at this stage are by invitation only, but post comments on the relevant pages. (UK)

The Lake  dedicated to publishing all forms of poetry by new and established poets. Book reviews will also be featured.   (UK)

La Petite Zine a magazine of poetry, essays, flash-fiction and drama hosted at Free verse preferred, but open to genre and style. Tom Hartman (USA)
Lighten up online - Light verse      (UK)

Litter Magazine  - Organic magazine updated regularly.  Part of Leafe Press site. (1006)      (UK)

Light Quarterly  Welcome to Light, a quarterly of light and occasional verse, squibs, satire, puns, and word-play - Check website for details. (USA)

Like Starlings -     The site gets poets talking in poems. The idea is that poets who don’t know each other – and who may be very different –  are paired. They begin with a poem by one of them and then write poems back and forth, each responding to the last, until there are two new poems by each poet, and a conversation of five. Poems are published on the site as they are written. (309)  (UK)
Locust Magazine - (USA).

London Grip - "a cultural omnibus providing intelligent reviews of current shows, events and books, well-argued articles on the widest range of topics, an exhibition space for cross-media arts and an in-house poetry magazine with its own editor." We intend to refresh the poetry page about every three months and submissions should be sent to (UK)

Los - contemporary poesy and art. Editors: Virginia M. Geoffrey, I.B. Scrood, P.N. Bouts, M. Peel (USA)

Lunarosity   Editor Wayne Crawford.    Lunarosity is a journal of contemporary poetry and prose. Authors are permanently archived. Recent book publications are listed.  A list of recommended sites will soon be added.  (USA) (41105)

Margins     (UK)

Many Colored Brooms - a literary publication sponsored by Warnborough College.  (Ireland)

Matchbox -  editor Todd Werner  - (UK)
Melisma  Bi-monthly, submit by e-mail (pdf or word document) Address for submissions:  We have a theme for every edition which the editor decides on.  (UK) (1008)

Memorious: A Forum for New Verse and Poetics an online literary journal that can be found online at

Mentress Moon - Archive only -. (UK)

Message in a Bottle - a new online poetry magazine. It will be published twice yearly in a Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter edition. Seeking submissions of poetry of any length that displays a virtuoso use of language and subject matter that draws attention to the unusual or overlooked. Send your work to

mgversion2.>datura   Mauvaise graine – a literary magazine – was created in Cirencester, UK in 1996 and became mgversion2>datura in 2002.   ISSN: 1365 5418.

Submissions to be sent to

Check its blog, visit its Lulu spotlight,

like its Facebook page:, and follow it on  Twitter:  (UK - FRANCE)   

Milk - Editor: Larry Sawyer (USA)

Mindfire Renewed - Archive only - (USA)

Mini mag - Archive only -   (26704) (USA)

Miracle e-zine is a bi- monthly magazine for writers. It seeks submissions in poetry, fiction, art/photography and non-fiction occasionally. (India)

The Missing Slate -  Poetry, short stories essays and art.  (Islamabad)

Mississippi Review Themed issues (USA)

Moloch   art, short prose and poetry         (IRE)

The Morpo Review  - Archive only -one of the earliest internet literary magazines.  (USA)

Motleys -   quarterly literary ezine with a comic slant. . e-mail (UK)

Muddy River Poetry Review -  competitions - reading times May/June - Oct/Nov   (USA)

MUDLARK An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics. Never in and never out of print... E-mail:    (USA)

MUGround - ezine and poetry community. Editor: K Paul Mallasch. (USA)

the muse apprentice guild - Archive only -   (USA)

Muses Review - Archive only - Online Journal of Literature and Arts from San Jose, California. (USA)

nidus - Archive only - a journal of contemporary art and literature published at the University of Pittsburgh. (USA)

Neon -  formally Four Volts Magazine, publishes linguistically innovative poetry.   (UK)

Neonbeam - UK based e-zine produced as a quarterly PDF. Poetry, fiction and review submissions are welcome via e-mail ( The e-zine can be subscribed to for free on the homepage of the website. The poetry and fiction submission selected as Best Of Issue each quarter will receive a copy of the relevant poetry/fiction featured book. Submission guidelines are available on the website.   (707)   (UK)

New Fairy Tales - an online magazine -   (UK)
New Linear Perspectives   Scotland's literary arts & culture journal.  Editor Andrew F Giles  (UK)

New York Dreaming  New as well as established writers and artists are welcome, Submissions are accepted year round by e-mail to     (USA)

Northern Cardinal Review - a blog based magazine for North American writers.     (USA)

No Teeth - weekly digital poetry journal run out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).    We publish twice weekly, Monday's we post a writing prompt and Wednesday we post poetry from a new author every Wednesday.  We constantly accept submissions, and we take those via e-mail at   We can be located on the web at We also accept reviews, and critical works which are published in a rotation through out the month.   (USA)

No Tell Motel -   open for submissions.  (USA) welcomes submissions from poets, and features political, innovative and just plain weird poetry.   Poetry Editor: Todd Swift  (see Poetry Kit interview) (26704) (UK)
Numbat Poetry Journal. West Australian production which features Australian poets but also includes a wide selection of English-language poets from other countries. Published every three months,  Editor: David Barnes (Australia)
Numinous Spiritual Poetry  - open for submissions,   (UK)

Octopus Magazine -  Reads poetry submissions at set times please see the details on their site.    (USA)   (908)

On Barcelona is gratefully accepting work sent to with your name and On Barcelona in your subject line--On Barcelona (USA)

Verse-Virtual - update: monthly, email submissions to  (USA)

Osprey Journal. - submission 6 poems max in a word doc attatchment to the editor at   (UK)

Out of nothing - features new works in image, sound, text and the digital arts, as well as works located at the intersections between these media.   (USA)
Parthenon West Review - on hiatus for most of 2012  (USA)
Past Simple -  (USA)   (908)

Pea Green Boat -  Submission are by email only. Submit to or visit the PGB contact page at (USA)

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine - publish poetry and flash fiction, with the magazine available as both a hard copy and a free downloadable PDF. (UK)

The Penniless Press is an online magazine publishing new and avant  garde poetry, ideas, literature, criticism, art, non-fiction, reviews and essays.  (606)   (UK) 

Perigee - Quarterly publication of the arts. (USA)

Perihelion - Archive only -  (USA)

The Poem - Archive only - Website dedicated to mainstream UK/Irish poetry set up by the writer Edward Barker, helped on the tech side by poet AB Jackson. No unsolicited poetry.


Poems Niederngasse Four magazines, English, Italian, German and Spanish plus a print published "best of". (11305) (Switzerland)

Poetix - Larry Jaffe in conjunction with Next and Tebot Bach runs a site dedicated to the poetry scene in South California. (USA)

Poetry About Poetry - Archive -resource list of poems about poetry no longer accepting submissions (UK)

Poetry Combination Module  - a print out and put together magazine.  (UK)

Poetry Daily - interviews, poems and general poetry information. (USA) is a new online magazine of poetry, place and informatics.  (UK)

Poetry Super Highway strives to be the most extensive directory of poetry/writing related websites, aiming to expose as many people to as many other people's poetry as possible. (USA)

PoetrSz - demystifying mental illness.  Now on its fifth year, PoetrySz has featured work from all over the world (USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Australia, etc.).
Three issues a year: March, July, November. Submissions email: . (10305)

Poets' Graves - not a who's who but a who's buried where, put together by Cameron Self. (UK)

Poets on Adoption. - Blogmag  (UK)

Pores   AN AVANT-GARDIST JOURNAL OF POETICS RESEARCH - published by: the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre (CPRC), Birkbeck College. (UK)

Prague Revue - We publish online with a complementary print series coming next year. All submissions via , visit our website for submission guidelines.

Pregnant Moon Review - Published at least once a month, in accordance to full moon cycles  We believe expression is vital to living, that is why we publish poets at all stages of their creative prowess. In the Pregnant Moon Review, well-known poets, little known poets, and unknown poets illuminate together.  We publish a printed edition when we inspire to, which is at least once a year.    (1107)   (USA)

Press 1 - 3 issues per year.  (USA)
Pulsar Poetry Magazine Editor: David Pike - (UK)

Quill & Parchment  - A poetry magazine with some differences access by password from application on site. Sharmagne Leland-St. John Editor-in-Chief.   (27704) (USA)

Randomly  Accessed  Poetics  - Blog magazine - (USA)

Raunchland  - Archive - No further submissions. Editor: John Mingay (USA)

Raving Dove - three times yearly.   (606)    (USA)

Readings Response and Reactions to Poetries - a web-journal from the CPRC Birkbeck and the British Electronic Poetry Centre (BEPC) (20705) (UK)

The Recusant - Editor Alan Morrison - Non-conformist poetry, prose, polemic, reviews, articles. The Recusant seeks to provide a home for contemporary writing that goes against the grain, in subject moreso than style. Socially-inclined work with a leftfield slant particularly welcome. Visit website for submission guidelines.  (907) (UK)

Redceilings.blogspot.    publishes submitted poetry.

Reds Ochre Lit   -  Primary goal is to showcase the work of experienced authors, we will feature emerging writers in each issue as well.  To help give this new population of writers a voice, we will randomly select one individual to interview about his/her journey to publication. We are a multicultural journal and we venerate voices from around the world. We take pride in national and international writers, whose work is both innovative and captivating. We are currently open for submissions. Detailed submission guidelines can be found on the website.

Rem Magazine - Editor, Orchid Tierney    A biannual ezine, specialising in experimental poetry (free-verse, concrete and visual), cultural essays, fiction and art. No reading fees. Simultaneous submissions welcome. We read all year round. We favour innovative and thought provoking works that go beyond aesthetics.  Email:

The Richmond Review - Archive only not updating site.  The Richmond Review was established by novelist Steven Kelly in October 1995 as the UK's first literary magazine to be published exclusively on the World Wide Web. Contains poetry, short stories and reviews.   (UK)

Roadkill Zen - An online occasional journal highlighting contemporary poetry, flash fiction, cultural essays, and creative non-fiction.   (USA)

The Rockett Review is a new quarterly e-book publication. We are accepting submissions in the form of poetry (almost any style up to 45 lines) and short stories (almost any style, up to 800 words). Please visit our website for submission details!  (UK)

Salt Magazine - John Kinsella’s Salt Magazine has been relaunched as a free online journal . (807) (UK)

The Salt River Review (USA)

Sage of Consciousness -  Archive -No new issues for some time. (41105) (USA)

Sassafras Literary Magazine     Link      (USA)
The Sandstar Review is an online literary magazine that seeks unpublished poetry and prose. Send up to 6 poems or 15 pages of prose; cover letter and bio appreciated. Simultaneous submissions accepted upon notification of publication elsewhere. Send all work in one document (poetry or prose; no combined submissions) to (USA)

Segue - online literary journal of Miami University-Middletown (USA)

Sentinel Poetry (online) ISSN 1479-425X Free-to-view Magazine monthly features poems, interviews, essays, competitions and links to great poetry sites. Published by Sentinel Poetry Movement since December 2002.  Editor: Nnorom Azuonye (UK)

Shadowtrain bi-monthly gathering of poems, translations, articles and other writings   (UK)

Shit Creek Review  - Original poetry, mostly witty, traditional or free verse. Also original short fiction and literary criticism. Email submission only.    (1006)   (UK - Australia)

Siren -  online literary and art journal (706)   (USA)

Slope - Archive -a journal of international poetry (no recent editions) (USA)

Snakeskin - a nice looking site which claims to be "always looking for new work of quality."
Editor: George Simmers

SNR  - A literary journal of prose and poetry, founded in 1999. (USA)  (606)

Sound Eye  Trevor Joyce says of this new site: The content will focus on the innovative tendency in Irish poetry, featuring, for example, work by Brian Coffey (friend of Samuel Beckett and Thomas MacGreevy), younger poets such as Randolph Healy and Maurice Scully, and such poets of the Irish diaspora as Tom Raworth. There will also be a full range of supporting materials, including review and survey articles, bibliographies, and news of relevant readings, festivals and conferences. (11/3/99) (Ireland)

soundsRite - a journal of new media writing and sound - looking for new exciting material to publish.   - (Australia)

The South Townsville micro poetry journal  poems of 30 lines or fewer Submissions: by e-mail to (Australia)

Sparkbright magazine is based in the UK, and is edited by Emily Smith and Ami Jordan. 

The website where you can find updates, submissions guidelines and the PDF downloads of each issue is

New issues are released every 6 months, in June and December.

Submissions should be sent in the body of an email to

Please note that we only take submissions of poetry and short fiction (1500 words max.), and that all issues can be downloaded for free on our website.   (UK)

Spilt Milk Magazine   UK based and publish flash fiction and poetry, as well as producing podcasts of performance poets.   (UK)

Splinter e magazine. We accept online submissions (up to 6 pages in .doc or .pdf format) to  Website:  (UK)

Stellar Showcase Journal -Publish online issue (ISSN 1911-1827) and print  (ISSN 1911-1819 ) quarterly.
Accepts emerging poets & writers worldwide for poetry, short stories and articles on writing.  Submissions guidelines on the website.    (1006)  

Stirring : A Literary Collection c/o Erin Elizabeth, PO Box 2322, Providence, RI USA 02906. Phone: 401 867-5021 Monthly, online literary collection which prides itself in collecting the best of the web's burgeoning writers for publication. Typically it publishes a script, several short stories, and around ten poems each issue. (USA)

Streetcake Magazine - Innovative and visual poetry (UK)

Stride Magazine - October 2000 After 33 issues as a poetry magazine, four issues as an 'occasional arts journal', and a few years gap Stride magazine welcomes you back to its new incarnation as a webzine. The editor, Rupert Loydell, welcomes submissions of 4 or 5 poems, short prose, reviews or articles. Please submit in the body of e-mails [not attachments] to or by snailmail [with SAE for reply] to Stride Magazine, 11 Sylvan Road, Exeter, Devon EX4 6EW
If in doubt about what you want to submit, ask first. E-mail to

Stimulus Respond - Published as PDF 

Stupid Poetry - comic verse website that accepts outside poetry contributions. Editor: Stephen Cree (UK)

Stylus Poetry Journal - bi-monthly ezine that features contemporary poetry, haiku and its related forms, articles, reviews and interviews. Based in Brisbane, Australia, it welcomes international submissions. Editor: Rosanna Licari. (Australia)

Switchback is a publication of the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program of the University of San Francisco (USA) (41105)

Symmetry Pebbles online poetry journal,  bi monthly e-zine, made available to subscribers, to subscribe for future issues email with your name and location and a free copy of Symmetry Pebbles will be sent as a downloadable pdf. upon publication. To submit, poets can email upto three poems in an MS Word doc or in the body of the email along with 2-3 lines bio to (UK)

Tallulah Originally founded as part of the Cambridge University Creative Writing Society, Tallulah is now an online creative arts magazine. Publishes poetry, short prose, photography & artwork. E-mail submissions to , preferably within body of email, not as attachments. Free back issues of the print version (while stocks last) can be requested by e-mail. Editor: Anita Sethi (UK)

Tendril Literary Magazine is a quarterly collection of poetry, short fiction, and other words. See our website,, for other information and submission guidelines. (USA)

The Drunken Boat online magazine of international poetry and translation. Editor: Rebecca Seiferle (Ireland)

The Page   Aims to gather links to the most interesting new poems and writing about poetry and ideas. The Page will be updated regularly.   (161004) (Blog-mag)

The 2River View Editor: Richard Long (USA)

Thieves Jargon - "We’re interested in finding stories about drifters and hustlers and dreamers finding beauty in things they never thought they would. Or stuff about fighting or gambling. Or about doin’ it. Being a great writer won’t be enough, you’re also going to have to tell a good story. Preferably one I could tell to my favorite bartender." (USA)

Thylazine - Australian-based mag edited by Coral Hull. Also available in e-mail form - email with the subject line "Subscribe". (Australia)

Triggerfish Critical Review, - email subs only. publishes poetry online and critques - (USA)

Toad in mud - Archive -Does not appear to have been updated for some time.  (1006)       (UK) 

Tower Journal - (USA)

Transparent Words -Ezine of Poetry and Comment. Transparent Words- ONE  published in January 2000. The magazine has been suspended and replaced with Poetry Kit Magazine  though occasional special editions are planned. (UK)

Triplopia - seeks well-crafted submissions of poetry, prose, and aesthetic discussions, as well as book, film, music and art reviews, and digital photography and artwork. (11305) (USA)

Troubadour 21.  -  (USA)

Tryst -  Archive -Not updated for some time.   (USA)

Turbine - New Zeeland on-Line literary journal published annually.   (New Zeeland)  (406)

Turbulence Magazine -  twice yearly (UK) 

TYPO - Well produced simple layout.    (908)   (USA)

Umberella  -  regular issues  (USA)

Uneven Floor. An independent poetry magazine. Please watch your step. (Australia)

Up the Staircase - Leans more towards true confessional writing, although not exclusively.  (USA)

Valparalso Poetry Review - Valparaiso Poetry Review presents poems, interviews, and essays by new, emerging, or well-known poets. (505) (USA)

VerseWrights - Blog mag of regularly posted poems (USA) 
Venus in Scorpio Poetry E-Zine, located in Hollywood, California, USA ( (USA)
WARD 6 REVIEW,   Archive - No updates for a while  (1006)  (USA)
The Weary Blues  -  electronic journal that has the hope of allowing new and established writers and artists spread their work to as wide an audience is possible. The journal will be released in digital format for free, on a bi-monthly basis.   (USA)

Western Writer's Centre, Ireland  Taking story and poetry submissions. Send to     (Ireland)

West Goes SouthLiterary journal   (USA)

White Leaf Review - new poems and reviews of poetry books and pamphlets. Accepting email submissions. (UK)   (506)

Why Vandalism  Monthly ezine.  Submissions by email to: submissions@whyvandalism.comAn online arts journal currently accepting submissions from visual artists and writers of poetry, fiction, and gonzo. Although, WV is open to all forms of writing and artwork. Always open for submissions. E-book publishing (CMS editing) and design for lengthier works   (707)    (USA)

Windmills we accept submissions electronically. Guidelines at    (Australia)

Woodwork - Petzine from Perth, Australia. Interested in receiving submissions from language poets and anything fresh from anyone with a creative bent. Editor Allan Boyd. (AUSTRALIA)
Word for Word - New writing  - (USA)

Words-Myth Open for submissions. (USA) (101005)

Write Me a Metaphor   Submission through email, after following the guidelines on the site. Write Me a Metaphor is updated quarterly. International submissions in English welcome. Email (Bahrain)   (607)

Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts is not so much an ezine as a magazine that publishes only via the internet, and is best read by downloading and printing. Submissions by e-mail are welcome to Editor: Klaus Gerken (Canada)

Zygote in my coffee - Adult material. (USA)