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Lee Ballentine - USA

Lee Ballentine's poems have been published in Abraxas, Caliban, Exquisite Corpse,Mississippi Mud, and Painted Bride, and he is the author of 4 books of poems, most recently PHASE LANGUAGE (Pantograph Press). His  fine press broadside RENOUNCE THE EMERALD PIETY was published in Miami in 1999.

Jim Bennett - Liverpool, U.K.

A poet who was born and lives in Liverpool, UK. Has had over forty books published some for children, many technical and six collections of his poetry. In addition there are tapes and CD's of Jim reading his own poems and singing his songs. Jim regularly tours in the UK and America and teaches Creative Arts at the University of Liverpool. He has been published widely in paper and in on-line magazines. A detailed interview with Jim is available on the Poetry Kit website.

Barbara Phillips - USA

Barbara has been included in the PK List Featured Poet Series and a full interview and samples of her work can be found at Featured Poet

Terrie Leigh Relf - San Diego, CA USA

Terrie Leigh Relf lives in San Diego, CA, and began composing poetry before she could read or write. Needless to say, she was ecstatic when she learned how to put pencil to paper. Her first poem was published when she was six years old, and even though it was a long, long time before she was published again, she just couldn't stop writing. If you ask her why, she'll more than likely say, "because it's as much a part of my life as breathing and dreaming." In addition to writing scifaiku, haiku, cinquains, free verse, and other forms of poetry, Terrie writes short fiction, and is currently at work co-authoring a vampire thriller. When she's not writing or editing, Terrie teaches English composition at San Diego City College, where she also serves on the editorial board and as a faculty advisor for City Works, the college's literary arts journal. Her on-and-off-line publications include the following: The Espresso, ComputorEdge, Starleaper, The Buddha's Temple, Blood Coven, The Pennine Poetry Works' Studio Site and Worm, and Writer's Hood. Recently, she has had poetry accepted for publication at Heron's Nest and Writersonline.

Ernesto Sarezale - Spain

Ernesto Sarezale is the pen name of a Basque cognitive scientist working in London. He's interested in combining poetry with hypermedia and visual elements and is developing work for performance. Some of his work (both hypertext and "linear") can be found at his poetry website:

Carol Sircoulomb - USA

Carol lives in Wichita Kansas and work as a full time photgrapher. She says that pottery,  sculpture, gardening and poetry are her passions.  "Poetry is the only thing that is not dirty.....and that is questionable" . She has been married for 27 years and has 3 children and a new grand daughter, 4 cats 3 dogs 1 bird 1 rat 4 guneepigs and a frog.

Carol recently won the Charnwood Arts short poetry competion and has been published in The Art Haiku 2000. Prairie Poetry E zinee has published several of her poems .

Ted Slade - UK

Ted Slade is the owner of the Poetry Kit Website. Ted was the first in the PK List Featured Poet Series and anl interview and samples of his work can be found at Featured Poet

Lawrence Upton - U.K.

Lawrence Upton's poetry has appeared recently in the magazines: "Dandelion" (Canada), "Filling Station" (Canada), "Masthead" (Australia), "Performing Arts Journal" (USA), "Poetry New York" (USA), "Poetry Now" (WWW), "Rampike" (Canada), "Riding the Meridian" (WWW).

Recent publications include: "Meadows" (Writers Forum, UK), "Game on a line" (PaperBrain Press, USA), "huming / queuing" (Writers Forum), "Sta!" (housepress, Canada) "House" (housepress)

He has also collaborated widely with Bob Cobbing. Their publications include "plouk" (Writers Forum), "flong" (Writers Forum) and "Domestic Ambient Noise ## 1-300" (Writers Forum)

"Word Score Utterance Choreography in verbal and visual poetry" (Writers Forum), co-edited with Bob Cobbing, is a major consideration of the performance of 'visual poetry' and its relationship to 'sound poetry'. An interview and samples of his work can be found at Featured Poet



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