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Mike Adams - U.S.A.



"A snapshot through an eight-inch scope aimed at me and the floor below"

Iím feeling the repercussions of a life full of these mental concussions
that builds up in time to start hurting my stomach
until I feel like I might die if something doesnít start working
in favor of mine.
But I guess I canít really complain
Iím one day closer to gaining the fame
that Iíve sacrificed all but my name
in order to break into this world
that could possibly regain the integrity
that weíve all just given away
throughout the days just to get paid
by some socially accepted nazi
who looks just like me and you
probably wakes up ties his own shoes
ties his tie that resembles a noose
just in case of bad news
he can cut loose from a world
he never knew - just used to
make himself a million, billion, trillion,
but know heís swinging from the ceiling
because he placed his material possessions in front of his feelings.
But it is his kids that I really remorse
of coarse they probably end up like he did
take over the family business
insisted by their mother
whose got another father figure
who happens to be the gravedigger CEO
who handed down the suicide note to that poor soul
whose pink slip came in the form of a 13-knot rope Ė
scapegoat out choked executive joke
waiting to take another poke at another poor soul
with an eight inch scope
just to show or for show who knows
what goes on or up the nose probably coke
or some other clichťí word for dope.
Shit, I just woke up with this cloak and dagger
sticking out of my back and staggered into the living room
assassins jacking off to some racket coming from the kitchen cabinets
where I store all of the heads and hats of fascists
and racists lets face it
thereís no place for these advocates of hate
but sadists are always welcome to stay and play
I think some day the depraved
will save the lives of the gays
without being ashamed
or afraid of what someone might say
or without trying to explain
that their best black friend is of the lightest shade
maybe these gray days and tyrant ways
are soon to be passed away
by poets who assassinate racial hate
with words and turn faces to the left
but when itís my turn I'll betÖ
Iíll burn whatís left
of the crosses and steeples
that I consider a unnecessary evil
because most people are to feeble to see
that Iíve revealed myself as the devil to be
and without any warning I could be on top
and believe me itís closer than you think
Iím on the brink
of breaking into this industry
as a poetic radical
an assassination to be
living off the money I received by thievery
from the National Arts society
who still views me as racy crazy
and lets face it I am abrasive
not the typical poetic salvation
but there is starvation in the minds of these people
and even if I am labeled as evil
my sold soul will not weeble, wobble or topple
tomorrow Iíll probably be asked to interview with Ted Kopel
or the Oíreilly factor
exactly where did you get this number
itís unpublished and not even mine
Iím just hiding out here for awhile
buying some time
until I can write my version of the bible
and sell it to every kid who attends high school
and alcoholics anonymous they seem to like us
or me and my 665 other personalities
who all live vicariously through me
while I act like a junkie.
funny I donít remember sending out a press kit to the president
but I guess itís no accident that I became the devils advocate
I guess itís to late to repent all of my sins and begin
to lead a normal life
and finally drop the knife
that I like to hold by the necks
of all the people who despise what I write Ė
But, never in this life will any protest of my mind
encourage me to be more kind
to any god-given life
even if it is mine
and Iím forced to close my eyes
that is fine
as long as you realize why I was left to die
by a million other lives that never tried to become as I Ė
and if the tie of that poor soul becomes me accessorized
then Iím sure youíll see me swinging from that 12th floor ceiling
just the same as he
perhaps Iíll never leave
and truly become an ornament
an oracle or miracle for someone spiritual
and literature will become scripture with pictures
and ever lasting life that requires millions of witnesses.