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Angela Keaton - U.K.



pre war baubles  home made from bottle tops  candles  incense


 tree reflections  morning eyes  pillow case  tangerine pungency  damask cloth


bun loaf  too generous for tin  pies pudding reeking rum  offering maiden aunt


wish bone breast  please yourself  wouldn't give  satisfaction  annual litany


Poll's Dad's dead  buried last week  we giggled  just as well  Grandma Auntie


Ursula wasn't aunt  even after they were dead  that's how it was holly


mistletoe  nobody to kiss  always hard winter

grass runway  procession to basilica  boy wore uniform  very small piss


architect suicide  did it make a mess  eighty years old  age  mossy habit  took


away passport  not welcome here  wore scout uniform  went into hiding   child


of resistance  man still wept  weeds in camp  hide all evidence keep their


 peace  who else talks  Coronation Day drunk  locked in classroom  Mother


Patricia in


chapel  say one for me  mussels in a restaurant  chips with mayonnaise


rucksacks on our backs




jungle tongue  consume  crumple iron  terracotta scared earth  woodpile


rattlesnake  balm of eucalyptus  lingers  woodworm eat my bed  Madonna


and Child  on charred sticks  chicken entrails  hummingbirds violet capped  fastest


growing  meningitis  unregistered  don't exist  can not die  spiders on bamboo


scaffold  vertiginous skyscrapers  collapsed regulations  tree warm oranges


juice trickle  sun skin  warm wine  prison pale priest  silent spectator  militario





wing skim washing line  Star over water  Sung emperors terrace  magic


carpets  dancing dragon  jade gods  ancient ivory  antique factory  night


market  Master eats chops  Victoria head in clouds  lotus blossom  ten


thousand Buddhas  green tea  the bull and bear  monkey's brain  baby mice


twitter of sparrows  ginseng  powdered lizards  ladder street  lucky lacquer red


Hakka woman's hat  sorting oyster shells  water buffalo  mandarin duck farm


roof top racing  don't lose face






what about a sleeping kitten  under peonies in bloom  I would have nothing to


do with it  barbarian crosses Emperor's bridge  sun shine through


cryptomerias  three wise monkeys cherry tree blossom  rose lustred pearls


stone lanterns  too heavy  tender shoots  herald  green mould  verdigris


decay  follow endless round  wooden birds  warble bubble note  another door


 swung in my face  I'll  cedar wood  paper walled tranquillity  linger at evening


 gate post-modern


ancient Noh




pyramids in thin air  steep steps four sides  crown of thorn cactus


 earthquaked high-rise  sun stone and protest  in Plaza de Armas  plumed


 serpent  tooth and claw  clay mask life and death  fire god flaming  arrow dive


 coral reef  petrol pump  car wreck  don't break down  wind up a goat track


 wheel over abyss  silver mine  flame lance  molten metal  beat and chase


 mediaeval craftsmen  merchants close to city walls  temple citadel


 smiling jaguar





banishment  battle wounded  longboats  grace of Edelfrida  feed on labskaus


 at a thing discussion battle  round a wall  silver ingot  runic carving  hogs back


gravestone  three broken crosses  Thor hammer  sacrifice sun  strikes fire


because she died