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Mike Adams - USA

a revolutionary poet from Southern Indiana, USA. In 2003 Adams has been hard at work creating, shaping and reinventing his art form by introducing it in new forms by way of performance, print, and audio recording releases. Mike has been gaining international recognition with the advent of his new spoken word record entitled "Epitaph" as well as several recently published articles and poetry in publications such as Nuvein Magazine, The Eklektic Reporter, and ZMag.

Please visit the Mike Adams website for more info:  

Gary Blankenship - USA

is a retired financial manager whose avocation is writing poetry.  His work has appeared in several zines  and a few paper mags in theUSA and other countries.  He edits the poetry pages of, a zine.   His home page is  He wonders if he is an editor with a poet rattling around inside or a poet with an editor trying to get out.  He has taught, moderated, judged and otherwise likely screwed up his brother and sister poets.

Borivoj  Bukva  - Croatia

Born on November 10, 1948 in  Karlovac, Croatia.  Apart from haiku poetry, he writes prose and is interested in fine arts, esotery and theosophy.   He has published numerous books including most recently:

collection of haiku poetry,
Rijeka, 2000;
collection of haiku poetry, Rijeka, 2001.
SKOK RIBICE (A JUMP OF A FISH), a collection of haiku poetry, Rijeka, 2002.

His articles have been published in a number of literary magazines and newspapers, home and abroad and he is a frequent guest on radio and TV.


is a journalist, economist and poet working in a newspaper in Calcutta, India. He was born in Calcutta in 1973. He has graduated with honours in Economics from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. His poetry has been published in journals, magazines and webzines in India, USA, UK, Israel and Sweden, including The Journal of the Poetry Society (India), The Telegraph, Snakeskin, Ariga and The New Miscellany. His first book of poems 'Occam's Razor' (Writers Workshop, Calcutta) received the SALT literary award from John Kinsella and a literary trust in Melbourne, Australia in 1995.

Barry Fitton - Holland

First put poetry to paper at the age of nine, He never did learn to spell, the only thing he knows about grammar is that she died when he was 12. Leaving school at the age of 15 he went to work in a cotton factory stayed long enough to buy a sleeping bag, rucksack and a pair of boots then he hit the road. First the British Isles ending up in Oxford with the Blackfriars poets, a bunch of anarchists performing in a monastery. From there Europe still screaming his poems at every one who would listen. Then off overland to India/Greece/Ibiza

Back to England and formed The "Axis Experimental poetry theatre" & magazine. He then headed west to America taught in GA. And travelled the Midwest doing readings. After returning to England to form the "Indigo Hellalump Portable Theatre " which moved to Belgium he stayed there a few years opened the first headshop in Belgium. Started 'Antwerp poets' a group of poets & musicians performing at the music café, 'De Musiek Doos'.

Returning to England he then fell ill and did nothing for 15 years except marry twice open an occult bookshop and run a cat rescue. One morning he awoke at last and moved to Holland, where he as spent the last 2 years performing his poetry on stage/radio/television/bars/café's/squats & on board a ship. and that's where I am now. Still screaming poems/sounds/ideas to who ever wants to listen. Motto "have poems will travel".

Ronnie Goodyer  - UK

Multi-published and anthologised, collection Within The Silence, included in Poems On The Buses project, Farming Dartmoor project, Flowers On A Shoestring (One-to-One Aids), Peace In Our Time (Red Cross), Dancing Through The Pain (MIND), Robooth Open Poet of the Year 2001. Live Cornwall's Lizard with wife, stepdaughter and epileptic mad collie.  Major collection INDIGO DREAMS due spring 2003.

Maryann Hazen Stearns - USA

Author of poetry collection "Under the Limbo Stick," has poetry appearing in print publications throughout the US as well as Canada, Switzerland, India, and Britain, and over 350 electronic
publications. She is currently listed in "A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers". She teaches "Poetry As Pastime" at Sullivan County Community College, NY. She is also an occasional Poetry Editor, Poetry Competition Judge, and CMT. She is Guest Editor and contributor of Sol Magazine, as well as an active member of The Alchemy Poetry Club, the Woodstock Poetry Society, and Poets & Writers. Maryann has won numerous awards and competitions with her work.

More information:

Pat Journan - Ireland

Trained as an artist at Liverpool College of Art and has had several exhibitions in England and Ireland. Poems have appeared in Iota, Pulsar,Sol, The Journal,Orbis Peer Poetry International, Poetry Monthly,Reach, (England),Fortnight, (Belfast)Electric Acorn, Poetry Ireland Review, Stinging Fly, The Shop, Burning Bush.(Ireland)  Weber Studies, California Quarterly, River King Poetry Supplement, Asheville Poetry Review, Mojo Risin' ( USA) Reviews for New Hope International Onine. Winner, Molly Keane Award 2002, Ireland  
Winner, Cootehill Poetry Award 2002 Ireland Finalist in RTE Rattlebag Poetry Slam, finalist in Bill Naughton Short story comp 3rd prize, QWF Philip Good Award 2001.  Editor, the Lantern Review   

Mick Moss - UK

was born..... Unfortunately.  Since then he's been a part-time musician, artist, writer of novels, poetry,
screen and stage plays, and a full-time idiot. But as the sage once said 'Blessed are the idiots for they have true wisdom'. His ambition is to travel the world, and one day meet Mz right because he hasn't yet, despite a few near Mrs.


David W. Rushing

I've been published in thirty-five magazines and have been nominated for a 2003 Pushcart Prize. I have a book coming out, in about twelve months, that I've written about all 43 U.S. Presidents. I also teach adult education, English and History.  I have a B.A. degree in History from Cal. Poly. Pomona here in California.


Ted Slade

Ted Slade is the founder and managing editor of The Poetry Kit. He trained as a metallurgist, since when he has worked in public relations, journalism, computing, marketing, the export business, and information systems design. His poems have been published in the Flarestack anthology 'Mr Henderson and Mrs Haut-Sinclair', Nightingale, Obsessed With Pipework, Pause, Pennine Platform, Poetry News, Poetry Life (recommended poet), Still, Staple New Writing, Transparent Words, Worm, and performed at the Purcell Room on London's South Bank. His poem 'Cartography' was a winner of the 'One Heart, One World 2001' international competition for disabled poets.
His pamphlet collection 'The Last Arm Pointing' is published by Flarestack.

Gregory Spis - Poland

I am a poet from Poland.  I work as the interpreter, English, Italian, German. I also write songs for pop artists and for the cabaret.  University Degree, Master of Arts in English Literature.