The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE


Response Poems




 by Catherine Kanaan


 I'm going away and leaving you alone

 and your new love who lies beside you now.

 I'm going to wander far across the sea

 to countries , names I never heard before

 to countries, names I never heard before.


 I loved the way your face would light the room

 the way you softly spoke my name.

 The gentle breathing through the night beside me

 caressing my mind, caressing my mind.


 I'm going away and leaving you alone

 and your new love who lies beside you now.

 And I will never see your smile, your smile, your smile.

 And I will never see your smile again.




by Sally James


You went away left me alone

but my new love let me down

and ever since you went away my love

my smile has been a frown.


He was false your love was true

I hang my head in shame

his love was such a fickle thing my love

so now I take the blame.


You will see me smile again

will kiss my lips once more

if only you could forgive my love

and knock upon my door.


I’ll lie beside you in our bed

will kiss your tears away

my smile will be for you my love

if you’ll come back and stay.


I promise I will love you true

as your love was for me

I’ll softly speak your name my love

my smile will set you free.



there's nothing comes to me

by Philip Johnson


all these years

a loner


I may as well be doing time


take a series of lovers

on the wing


at her majesty's pleasure


in a cell of chemistry and testosterone


where I could claw my verse by fingernail on flesh


in to white washed bricks there


spill unwanted blood

for ink