The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE


  Response Poems

    by Waiata Dawn Davies

    We had the courtyard to ourselves

    our shoes scrunched on pebbles

    as we moved to a sun bleached table

    shaded by exuberant honeysuckle .


    We shared a blue water jug,

    talked of friends we shared,

    books we had enjoyed, places

    we loved  and problems we could not solve.


    ‘Humans are a pestilential species,’

    the poet began, ‘We not only have

    problems, we are problems, we

    can’t tell the difference between

    development and destruction.’


    ‘It’s not their ignorance that appals me,’

    the teacher said, ‘It’s the extent of it.’

    He smiled at the pretty waitress who brought

    him soup du jour and garlic bread.


    Over coffee the poet talked fishing

    of catching a ten pound trout

    with a smaller trout inside, A spray

    of honeysuckle crept across

    his shoulder as if listening.




    by Jim Bennett


    the rainwater from last nights storm

    swells the river

    and brings the blood brown topsoil

    to mud the water


    a  fisherman watches from the bank

    his eyes fixed on a float

    nestling in the quieter shallows

    its rise and fall hidden

    in cracked light

    and breeze blown ripples


    here on the common path

    we stand and talk about

    butterflies and summer

    watch the clambering clouds

    in their rush to the North

    and debate our futile opposition

    to the fisherman’s barbed hooks


    further along the rising path

    the river left below

    we can see the water stain

    slick like oil spread out

    across the bay

    until finally diluted

    it  disappears into

    the sky mirror surface

    of the sea

    sinking to the land below

    where a new world

    is being built



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