The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE



Response Poems 






Naming of the Hours II:  Lauds

by Gary Blankenship


In the twilight of dawn,

the deep gloom of the forest,

the night creatures burrow home,

successful in hunt or foiled.


The day dwellers stir

to feed,

to gather for nest, den and bower –

to the sound of flight and feathers.


Starlings test their chimes,

geese their baritone,

crows gather their guard,

a pheasant warns of feral footpads.


A broken leaf falls,

room made for a seasons to come.




my response

by Grant van Wingerden

The clamour of beasts unaccustomed
to all the invading sounds,
continue with alacrity conveyed
to their new surrounds.

The feral creatures are furtive
and know how to move in shadow
a less certain fate than that
gathering in the meadow.

In the wildlife corridor discussion
as part of a brazen act
a gap in the herd & unheard
that can be easily tracked.





by Tammara or Slillet


anima, animosity, animus,

babe, barricade, bicker,

caboodle, clamor, coax,

damn, deceive, diverse,

echo, effulgent, emotion,

faith, fear, fervent,

galvanize, genes, gravitation,

hallow, hex, holler,

iconoclastic, imbue,

jab, jingle, juxtaposition,

keepsake, kiss, knotted,

lavish, leeway, life,

magic, messianic, misinterpret,

natural, nightmare, now,

objectify, omnivore, optional,

parallel, pendulum, pride,

rapture, reason, resemblance,

scatter, segregate, sin,

tension, time, turbulence,

ultimate, understanding, unity,

vigilant, vow, voyage,

walk, wear, weave, weld,


yield, youngling,

zeal, zoom-in, zygotic.