The Poetry Kit MAGAZINE



Two Poems


By Jim Bennett


This  following poem was first posted to the PK List in April 1999


 Communicating with Kites



Grass born waves

broke over our shoes

as we fished for wind

trying to pin our hopes

against the dull, grey sky.


Our only other recreation

was to argue;

words, more words, hurtful,

sad, wind blown words.

words like a thermal

giving lift.


To keep our distance

we communicated with kites.

Two painted dragons

breathing fire,

fighting for air space

in the battering wind.

Like flapping moths

they danced beating against

each other in

a tangling tango


Finally and quietly

like the wings of Icarus

in a slow descent.

tied like unpropelled

sycamore propellers,

they fell to Earth


nothing that we did

could  prevent the crumpled mess,


beyond repair.


Now I don’t like wind

It leaves me cold


(also published in TEXT1 1999)


 The following poem was posted to the PK list in April 2009


the dove that flew from Passchendaele


she cradled the dove

said it was the one that flew

from Passchendaele


she gazed at

its red eye stare

its white plumage

its wings pinned to its side

by her hands

head rotating

it looks so intelligent

she said


she closed it into the

dovecot to rest


it died

that night fell

amongst the

waste in the litter-well


next morning she

took out a dove

said she would recognise

this dove anywhere

it had sad memories

behind its eyes


this is the one that

flew from Passchendaele

she said

I am sure of it