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Roger Cliffe-Thompson - UK

A poet who in twelve months of starting writing and performing has been widely published and has won a number of major awards.  In August 2003 he performed at the Amsterdam Free Poetry Festival to great acclaim.

Ronnie Goodyer  - UK

Multi-published and anthologised, collection Within The Silence, included in Poems On The Buses project, Farming Dartmoor project, Flowers On A Shoestring (One-to-One Aids), Peace In Our Time (Red Cross), Dancing Through The Pain (MIND), Robooth Open Poet of the Year 2001. Live Cornwall's Lizard with wife, stepdaughter and epileptic mad collie.  Major collection INDIGO DREAMS due spring 2003.

Neil Hopkins - UK

Currently a teacher, I studied English at the University of Luton, and Education at the University of London. My work has appeared in many poetry magazines and journals, including Staple, Acumen, Iota, The Haiku Quarterly and Dream Catcher.  I am, at present, involved with two writers' groups in my local area: Stevenage Survivors and Poetry I.D., Letchworth ( I have published two pamphlets of poetry: The Moment of Reflection (1999) and Thursday Night Poetry Club (2002). 

Christopher Major - UK

Chris Major's poetry has been placed in many UK print mags including: Sepia, Outposts, Poetry Nottingham, Poetry Bradford, Pennine Platform, Weyfarers, Raw Edge  ect.      On line at amongst others: Snakeskin, Transparent Words, Poetry Worm, CITN, Moriarty Papers, Poetry Kit, Another Sun and many American e mags.   He lives in Staffordshire, where he works with people experiencing mental health problems. 
Kate Potter - UK

Kate Potter is a poet and artist living and working in London.  She teachs Photography at an Adult Community College, and has had numerous Photography exhibitions in London. She is now focussing more on her writing, particularly poetry, and has had some work published in magazines here as well as having had some poetry read at poetry societies in the USA. She is am currently working on a collection of poems entitles Secrets of Vermilion for publication and am exhibiting/performing a selection of these poems in London .

David W. Rushing - USA

I've been published in thirty-five magazines and have been nominated for a 2003 Pushcart Prize. I have a book coming out, in about twelve months, that I've written about all 43 U.S. Presidents. I also teach adult education, English and History.  I have a B.A. degree in History from Cal. Poly. Pomona here in California.  Lives in Arcadia, CA.

Jan Theuninck - Belgium

Jan Theuninck was born(54.O6.O7) in Zonnebeke(Belgium). Also known under the pen name of ORC(1954),a few of his poems became famous e.g. "Stalag Zehn B","Papirac","Yperite" ,"Tyne Cot" and "Shoa" , which is an early warning against an ideological hate .Native speaker in Dutch , he writes in French,  sometimes in English or German.His work has been translated in many languages and is given in courses at different universities .


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