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Jennifer Compton - Australia

Jennifer Compton lives in Australia. She is a poet and playwright. Her most recent play is The Big Picture which premiered at the Griffin Theatre in Sydney and is published by Currency Press. Her most recent book of poetry is Parker & Quink, published by Ginninderra Press.




Ronnie Goodyer - UK

Multi-published and anthologised, collection Within The Silence, included in Poems On The Buses project, Farming Dartmoor project, Flowers On A Shoestring (One-to-One Aids), Peace In Our Time (Red Cross), Dancing Through The Pain (MIND), Robooth Open Poet of the Year 2001. Live Cornwall's Lizard with wife, stepdaughter and epileptic mad collie.  Major collection INDIGO DREAMS due spring 2003.

Gill McEvoy - UK

Gill McEvoy has been writing seriously since 1990, mainly short stories and articles, publishing in Peninsular, QWF, Iron, The European, BBC Radio Merseyside and BBC Radio Four.After a frightening episode of ovarian cancer in 2000 - which she's glad to say she's surviving so far! - she's been
writing a great deal of poetry and has had work published in Iota, Cadenza, Envoi, The Journal, Mslexia, Poetry Scotland, Poetry Monthly, Aireings,Never Bury Poetry, and on webzines such as CITN (Poetry Kit) and  Snakeskin.

Carolyn Edwards - UK

It began with a rejection letter; one that was both constructive and helpful! Amongst other things, it suggested a writing class to hone my skills. This was when I started the class with Jim Bennett. My first success (I don't count a prior brush with the vanity press) is with Poetry Kit. I have to admit a preference for (relatively) short, easily accessible poems and still maintain my fondness for Phillip Larkin's work, though I am always enthusiastic about and receptive to new poets.
Graeme Kenna - UK

Graeme Kenna is a native of the Wirral. He is a lawyer, former local politician, rugby player, and appeared as a pagan stag in a Coral video.  He started writing poetry as a result of his other interests in comedy writing and performance. He has appeared in numerous poetry magazines, anthologies, and radio programmes, winning both an editors and readers prize in Orbis. He has edited an anthology for Commonword and is making his second appearance in Liverpool's Writing On the Wall festival. He does not usually refer to himself in the Third Person. 

Ulrike Gerbig - Germany

My name is Ulrike Gerbig and I live in Germany as a woman, mum, daughter, teacher, mediator, friend, lover and poet.

Lately I have become increasingly interested in Buddhism and Suffism: philosophical views that help me to use every moment in life as intensely as possible and honour my and other people's spirituality and uniqueness.
My newer poems begin to mirror those influences.

My first book of poetry "Every woman's Blues" just came out with Lapwing Press, Belfast.
It can be purchased either directly though me or from my publisher via Email:

Srinjay Chakravarti - India

Srinjay Chakravarti is a 31-year-old journalist, economist and poet based in Salt Lake City, Calcutta, India. His poetry and prose have appeared in various publications all over the world. His first book of poems has received an award from Australia.

Frank Faust - Australia

Frank Faust is a Melbourne based poet who loves to tell stories in verse. He
earns his shilling in another guise working the mental health field, but
endeavoured to make sure there might be a memory of him in about 30 households at least by self-publishing his first book (The Book of Evenings)
late in 2003. He would like to remind each of the people that have been
given a copy of the book that he knows where they live and has contacts
everywhere, so no copies are to be discarded, and any disparaging remark
will be noted and responded to with a forceful response, or doggerel -
whichever punishment seems more apt at the time.

Frank's webpage is located at and he is currently
seeking nominations of poems for possible publication in a future book to be
inflicted on an unsuspecting populace.  Oh, by the way, UNESCO rang him a couple of weeks ago from Paris. Some of his gibberish is apparently translatable.


Some contributors biographies are not available.

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