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Steve Allen


Steve Allen, a Londoner living in the new town of Milton Keynes, has a track
record of poetry competition successes, averaging two a year for the past
five years, and has published many of his poems, in Dreamcatcher, The
Interpreter's House, Other Poetry and elsewhere.  His themes are love with a
sensitive touch, travel with a warped humour twist, and a penchant for the
risqué.  A top-of-the-bill performance generated this newspaper quote, "he
can give an audience a slow orgasm with his witty sexual verbosity!"
Jack Conway
Jack Conway's poems have appeared in Poetry, The Antioch Review, The Columbia Review, Rattle, Yankee, The Potomac and The Norton Anthology of Light Verse, among others. He is the author of My Picnic With Lolita and Other Poems published by North Country Press in 2004. He teaches at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth and Bristol Community College in Fall River.

Louie Crew

Louie Crew, a.k.a., Quean Lutibelle, Li Min Hua, Dr. Dungo, Brother
Thorn-in-the-Flesh et al., is the author of over 1,730 poems and essays,
including four collections.  He is an emeritus professor of literature at
Rutgers:  The State University of New Jersey.  He and his husband of 32
years live in East Orange, NJ.  One arch conservative journalist in religion
has called Crew the "major sodomite in the Anglican Communion." Crew founded
Integrity, an international lesbigay group in the Anglican Communion, and he sits on Executive Council (like the Archbishop's Council in the UK) of the
Episcopal Church in the United States.

Scott Devon

Scott Devon’s one of the first and one of the finest of a new generation of street poets that are emerging through the UK performance poetry scene. He is an international performer whose words have been described as like a child whose been given a gun, explosive and dangerous. Scott’s words deal with the modern world crisis and the lack of understanding, the danger faced by ignorance and media driven justice. To quote Scott, ‘there’s no justice like street justice, is there?’ His quest is to prove to the world that the only devils in existence are the ones inside our own hearts, and that is where all of our battles should be fought.

Scott has been published in numerous websites, magazines and anthologies since he began performing in 2004, including the New Word Order anthology available through Zebra. He has also worked in conjunction with local schools and libraries, as well as being featured in local media to showcase his work, performing to a range of people from eleven years old to late seventies.

Scott is also the founder of Write Out Louds ‘Word Army’ and has performed to wide spread acclaim, being described by many as the one to watch. Performing alongside the likes of Brendan McLeod, Chloe Poems, Rosie Lugossi, Karl Thompson, Mike Garry, Kate Fox, Tony Walsh and Scott Tyrell.  Scott is due to release a full CD of his street poetry in this Autumn under the title of Devonanity.

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Michael Estabrook

A medievalist at heart (and by training) disappointed (though reconciled, mostly) with the modern world, particularly with the materialism and mercantilism bludgeoning life, smashing our brains into the ground, our hearts into dust. I’m still hoping to find a true and meaningful “cause” in life, other than scratching out my pale poetic murmurings like trying to write in hardened concrete. But I need to find my “cause” pretty soon before I turn to dust myself.

Katherine Gallagher

Katherine Gallagher is a widely-published poet and experienced poetry
tutor who  leads workshops at Jacksons Lane, London and various other
She was a creative writing tutor for the Open College of the Arts from
1990-2005. Her latest collection, 'Circus-Apprentice' is forthcoming from
Arc later this month."

Raud Kennedy

Raud Kennedy works as a dog trainer in Portland, Oregon.

Gary Lehmann

Gary Lehmann teaches poetry at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His essays, poetry and short stories are widely published – over 100 pieces a year.  His most recent book of poetry is entitled Public Lives and Private Secrets [Foothills Press, 2005].  He is co-author and editor of a book of poetry entitled The Span I Will Cross [Process Press, 2004].  His poem “Reporting from Fallujah” was nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize, and “First in Flight” has recently been nominated for 2007.  Visit his website at

Dave Lordan

Dave Lordan was born in England in 1975 to Irish parents who soon returned
to Clonakilty in West Cork where he grew up. He began writing in his teens
and his chapbook -18- was published by the English literature society in UCC
in 1994. While at UCC he gained a reputaion as a strong and dynamic reader
and performer of his own work and he continues to read regularly to great
acclaim. He graduated in 1998 with an MA in English Literature. In 2001 he
took the Mphil in Creative Writing in TCD and in the same year was featured
as part on Poetry Ireland's Introductions series. He received an Arts
Council Bursary in 2004. He was runner up in the Patrick Kavanagh Award in
2002 and won it in 2005. His work has been widely published at home and
abroad and been translated into Arabic and Serbo-Croat. The Boy in The Ring
is his debut collection.

Chris Major

Chris Major lives in Staffordshire and is training as a Psychiatric Nurse.
Poetry in UK print magazines including:Outposts,Pennine Platform,Poetry Nottingham,Iota, Poetry Monthly etc.
Online at amongst others:Snakeskin,Poetry Kit,Psychopoetica,Poetry Worm etc.
Online chapbook

E.V. Noechel

E.V. Noechel oversees Raleigh Rodent Rescue in North Carolina. Her writing
is widely published. She was the recipient of the Kelty Award for
Outstanding Local Animal Activism, and grants from the North Carolina Arts
Council, the United Arts Council, and The Culture and Animals Foundation.
She is also a dog trainer, a freelance photographer, and a phenomenally
silly person.

Geoff Stevens

In October 2006, Geoff Stevens will have edited Purple Patch poetry magazine
for 30 years. His latest books are A Keelhauling Through Ireland published
Poetry Monthly Press and The All Night Cafe from Poetry Wednesbury Press.
Many of his latest poetry performances are now on the Black Country
Podcasting website and he has regular spots at Wednesbury Library and The
Barlow Theatre, nr. Birmingham. His poems are widely published in small

Mai Van Phan

Mai Van Phan, born in 1955 in Ninh Binh, Red River Delta, North Vietnam. Member of Vietnam Writer’s Association. Winner of some awards for poetry in Viet Nam. Mai Van Phan is the author of six collections of poetry in Viet nam: Sun Drop, Calling Green, Morning Prayer, Name Giving Ceremony, Contemporary People (Long poem), Water wattle. His poems also appeared in more than 30 anthologies, including, Poetry Kit Magazine 5 & 6 (published in the British); FULCRUM 3, The Writers Post volume 6 & 7, Wordbridge (US); Grey Borders (Canada); Poem and Comment Magazine (S. Korean); Softblow (Singapore)…

Address: Mai Van Phan, 12/56  Cat  Cut. Le Chan. Hai Phong. Viet Nam

 Lynn Strongin

born (1939) in NYC was raised in an atmosphere where all the arts converged: literature (her mother read her Emily Dickinson at age four and five) painting (mother was a free lance artist) medicine (father a dr.) and dance (younger sister a dancer who became a musician.) Polio at age 12 left her in a wheelchair which experience deepened her spiritual slant on life and led first to music composition then poems. Worked for Denise Levertov in the politically radical Sixties (Berkeley.) Now has twelve published books most reecetly THE SORROW PSALMS :A Book of Twentieth Century Elegy (University of Iowa Press.) Work nominated for a Pushcart Prize," her poems appear in nine countries, three languages. She makes British Columbbia, Canada her home and has for the past twenty-seven years but considers New York, always her spiritual home.

Christian Ward 


Christian Ward is a London based poet whose has appeared in journals such as
Softblow, Other Poetry and The Loch River Review. His first chapbook, The
Grammarian and Other Poems, will be released next month courtesy of Lily

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