The Train to Heaven

The train to heaven is busy tonight,
our first stop is Charity, with Good Works
just around the corner, the guard announces
the entrepreneurs get off here.
A few miles further, the city of Truth,
where priests drop in for light refreshments,
we can't stop at Humanity, but hurry on
to the village of Hope where
analysts engorge the resident population;
the people who live in Despair get off here.
Peace is so small you won't find it on any map;
captains of the United Nations oversee
her serenity seminars in the White Cloud Motel.
The large city of Faith has sister stations:
Theology and Belief, where old men and women
wield their tickets, but their tickets have expired.
At the sub-station of Jesus, a choir of a thousand gospel singers
wave their arms as we go by. After an eternity,
we pass through Paradise where almost
everyone stays for the evening fireworks.
God is the last stop before Heaven,
just after Satan's Loop.



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