start with the socks

yes darling I know
you want to tell me
but just wait a minute
while I get these out of the oven

stand clear
just over there please
here I come

that was hot

how do they look to you
do you think they're cooked

they're always a little bit soft
when they first come out

mm mmm mm mm

there we are
all on the rack to cool down

would you like one
it's hot

I haven't forgotten dear
I'll just put the kettle on

mmm mm hmm mm

hoo it's hot in the kitchen love
and I feel like I've been on my feet
all day

all right my darling
tell me
when did you decide you were going to be
a messiah
was it in a book
or did you do something at school

have another biscuit
and tell me
while I sort these socks

you'd think someone
would have thought of a way
to keep odd socks together
wouldn't you


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