Morganatic Marriage
My body has a morganatic marriage with my soul.
We tried to get legitimized - allow our kids to rise
to what we think should be their royal opportunities,
but Universal Law says no. So I'm here in the back -
bringing up my babies, doing what I can to get them
immunized from polio and rabies, sending them to school
and comforting the little tykes when they come home, 
weeping at the jibes they get from their immortal
schoolmates who keep taunting them because they'll
never reach the Throne. Can't help that I'm a mortal
Commoner, I tell them, as I wipe their little noses and
dole out the snacks. "Transcend the cracks!" I root
them on. "Be happy, sweets! - don't cry!" (But you
try telling all your kids it's okay that they'll die.)

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