NPD Anthology 2002


Taste Lingers  NPD 2002
by Barbara Phillips

summer came back briefly today
arms of coats and sweaters dangled
crazily from backpacks and bags
in the air holiday abandon snatched
moments savoured for their unexpectedness
mothers bought children ice cream
cones and popsicles even though
supper hour tilted thoughts towards
kitchens which some deserted
to take to the barbeque one more
time before frost stole onto patios
cats sunned themselves on steps
rolled lazily on sidewalks
kept vigilant watch over birds
reserving compass points
leading south to endless idle
afternoons such as those
which shimmered through petals
when endings were put away
in favour of beginnings
at sunset the horizon undressed the day
whose taste lingers like strawberry wine
between kisses in clover jewelled meadows