NPD Anthology 2002



Like Almonds
by Frank Faust

I have been searching for words and phrases
to string together a verse or two
for poetry day
but I have parted from my muse
and they come out clumsy and flat
not forming stories that flow
leave me floundering
with three lines of bullshit
about believing and faith
and the difference between the two
and ...
erase them from screen
try again

today I selected some pieces to read
at a poetry gig that is new to me
I looked through the collected archive
and found nothing new
only the poetry from another life
now ended
a young man approached me
asked if I had published them
could I send them to him
for his magazine
any one of the three would be fine

I wrote them for her
I wrote them about her
no they haven't appeared anywhere

a month ago
it would be reason to celebrate
and I suppose I'm happy even now
yes I am
but the aftertaste
is a lingering odour
like almonds

I will send them
they are no further use to me now