NPD Anthology 2002


NPD Poem
Sally Evans

That settles it -
Autumn is the best season
as I look round my beautiful garden,
hops and fig leaves,
roses, grass,
pebbly paths and rock.
That settles it.
Mist in the background,
trees up the hill-slope
(and work to be done).

You're not supposed
to have a beautiful garden:
it isn't in the Sundays
Open for the Nurses;
you haven't joined the RHS
but read their experts second hand;
you're not supposed
to have done this digging,
seeding, growing
and yet

Autumn is the best season
it celebrates the year
it remembers
and another year
it will know
whose entrance
will be through this garden,
original, secret, sprung
from the unwritten rules
of beauty