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The Poetry Kit is pleased to accept submissions to its magazine pages.
We make no stipulation regarding content or length although anyone intending to submit a poem which is more than 100 lines in length should check with the editors as to how this should be done.
Submissions should be in the form of an email with up to 5 poems in the body of the mail and should include a short literary biography. Please do not send attachments without checking with the editors first.
We are looking for poems which reflect the best in contemporary writing in English, new innovative forms and free form will be considered as will more traditional forms which are being used in an exciting or novel way. The site is open to both new and established writers and in every case our decision to publish will be based only on the quality of the poetry.
A decision will be made as quickly as possible but it should be noted that the editors cannot enter into correspondence regarding their decisions.

Translations of poetry.

Poems in languages other than English will be considered but will only be will only be published if accompanied by an approved English translation. Translators may submit poems in the English language where they have permission to translate or the original is out of copyright.

Articles, Interviews and Reviews.

The Poetry Kit is intended to be a working poet's handbook and guide and it is our aim to carry articles which will suport this objective. We are interested in receiving proposals of any articles, interviews or reviews which may be of interest to Poetry Kit readers. Proposals should be made to the editors for their consideration.
All correspondence for the magazine should be sent to Jim Bennett on, phone 0151 691 1111, 50 Princesway, Wallasey, Merseyside CH45 4PR

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