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Publishing Scams and Other Ways to Lose Your Money

Poets, particularly those who are inexperienced, unpublished, and\or vain, are vulnerable to losing their money to unscrupulous operators. The two articles by Johnathon Clifford in the magazine section show some of the ways in which this can happen. They draw the sometimes vague line between acceptable vanity publishing and the outright publishing scam.

What are the main ingredients of a scam? All or most of the following must be present before an operation can be considered to be a fraudulent attempt to take money from the vulnerable:

An area open to the scam which Johnathon does not mention is the writing course. Everyone with pretensions to be a writer will have seen advertisements of the type: 'Be a Writer' or your money back. There are many genuine courses around, some by Poetry Kit. But beware. Before parting with your money, especially for expensive correspondence courses, check:

If you're out there with anything to say on this topic, get in touch. Within the limits of legal liability, we'll make of it what we can.