Transparent Words - Poetry

Egotistical fruit 1

Verbal percussion # 1 / Lawrence Upton

Egotistical fruit

Spicy woody vanilla, aromatic, fruit sauvage peche - extinct harvest discourse

Sherry, poke scorching text

Depart. Result? Rabid peche, lull spicy dissertation - forgotten fruits, fruits put off, spicy spicy, woody woody, vanilla vanilla, fruit harvest, finesse, sauvage peche, puzzling racy monograph, lost produce, sherry

Tarry vulgar volume, disappear answer, zealous peche serf, spicy cutting memoir, gone fruits

Burgundy call, frivolous spicy piquant woody work-out, vanilla haughtiness, fruit reward

Sauvage sherry peche poke snappy talk obsolete cultivate sherry

Jab blistering argument, elude eventuality, revolutionary peche - affectation interlude, spicy vigorous theme, once crop

Wine situate slack spicy sharp scathing woody garden inherent vapour

Vanilla depart fruit (result fruit) refinement sauvage, rabid peche peacefulness, subtle pungent manuscript gone, product sherry

Shirk trenchant capacity; depart; return, hard-working peche; drop vassal

Spicy aromatic cutting, witty digest past yield

Sherry concentrate giddy


[Perform by following punctuation - pause on a comma, longer on a semi-colon, longer still on a colon, and longer than that on a full stop or a dash. Interrogation mark counts as a full stop for this purpose. Similarly with exclamation mark. BIG pause at a line break. Capital letters are there for intonation - approach a capital letter as indicative of a new sentence and take it from there - ignore it if you find that too much to think about. Text in brackets to be whispered. Physical gestures optional.]


Copyright © Lawrence Upton 2001



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