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All of the contributors to this edition of Transparent Words are invited to submit a short literary bio.

Philip Johnson - Guest Editor
Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 1982. Fortunately, though I have had 2 Resection Operations - April 82 and again April 2006 - I have mostly enjoyed long periods of good healthy remission. Presently employed as a Care assistant;  Member of Board of Directors at the Princess Royal Trust Cheshire Carers Centre; Was co-opted on to Northwich Town Council January 1994 and have been elected unopposed ever since
For me the spark of inspiration can come from anywhere at any hour - from people watching to the things I hear or read or even in the middle of the night (events must mull in my subconscious before outpouring).  By far my best work is written spontaneously.
Achievements to date:
Hard copy published by: Poetry Now, Anchor Poets, North West Disabled Writers Group, Das Alchemy, The Ugly Tree; Mid Cheshire Writers Group, Cheshire Carers Centre Newsletter, National Assc for Colitis & Crohn's Disease newsletters, local, regional and a national newspaper.
Electronic Formats: Write Away, Caught In The Net, The Red Pencil, and The Writer's Hood
May I take this opportunity to thank you for the time you have taken to read this "Special Edition" of Transparent Words.   I hope you enjoyed at least some of what you saw.


Norbert Hirschhorn

is a physician specializing in the public health of women, children and communities in the USA and the Third World.  In 1993 he was commended by President Bill Clinton as an "American Health Hero." He now lives in London.

In 1994 Hirschhorn received a Master in Fine Arts degree from Vermont College.  His poems have been published in over a dozen journals and four anthologies.  He is the author of two pamphlets (Renewal Soup,Slow Dancer Press, London; The Empress of Certain, Poet's Corner Press, California); and a full collection, A Cracked River, Slow Dancer Press. A second full collection, Sailing with the Pleiades, is out to publishers.

 LB Sedlacek

Poetry has appeared in Ultraverse, The Brown Critique, Coppertales, Edgar Literary Magazine, Lite, Tales of the Talisman, HazMat Review, Would That It Were, ART:MAG, sidereality, Circle Magazine, and Blue Collar Review.  Chapbooks include "The Cat &
the Carroll A. Deering & Other N.C. Poems" (Pop Poets Press), "Alexandra's Wreck" (Kitty Litter Press) and "Average Bears" (Assume Nothing Press).

Dee Rimbaud

is an artist, poet, novelist and new age gypsy. He is author of two poetry collections, 'The Bad Seed' (Stride, 1998) and 'Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels' (Bluechrome, 2004); and one novel, 'Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God' (Bluechrome, 2004). He is currently planning a life on the road and has been writing about his plans and the process at His website is at

Website/ Blogs:
Dee Rimbaud/ AA Independent Press Guide -
Dee Rimbaud's Travel-Blog -
Dee Rimbaud's blog -
Dee Rimbaud's Arty Gift Products:

Books Available:
Dee Rimbaud: 'Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels'
Dee Rimbaud: 'Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God'

Gary Blankenship

is a retired manager who dabbles in poetry and publishing. He is CEO of Santiam Publishing and publishes the online journals, MindFire Renewed and FireWeed, both at Gary has been published on the web and in a variety of paper publications, including in the Tanka Journal of Japan 2005 anthology, The Tanka Society of America newsletter, and the Seattle PI.

His volume of Chinese-style poetry, River Transformed, is available at

Vincent Martinez

is the artist whose paintings appear with the poetry of Gary Blankenship in this magazine. An on-line bio can be read at the following address

Carolyn O'Connell

I live in Richmond, Surrey, having moved there from Central London two years ago.  I am a member of several groups including the Richmond Writers Circle .
My poems have appeared in many magazines and other publications, twice being featured in Envoi. and on London's busses.  I have participated in events including National Poetry Day at the London Probation Service. I am currently working on a sequence which I hope will form the basis of a collection.


Sally James

I have been writing poetry on and off since a child. I have an MA in Creative writing from Bolton University and have had my poems published in various anthologies, small press magazines and read on local radio.

I write in Standard English and Lancashire Dialect and belong to a poetry and music group. 

I also enjoy writing  poetry for children. I have seventeen grandchildren (at the last count) so try them out on them first. 


 Barbara Ostrander
A nurse and a poet, until her death from cancer in August 2005, Barbara lived with her husband Kent and four children in Lexington, Kentucky. Barbara's poetry was the subject of a special issue of Ygdrasil in January 2006

Christopher T. George,
Born in Liverpool, England, in 1948, lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  He is the editor of the on-line workshop Desert Moon Review and a co-editor of the on-line and print journal Loch Raven Review.

Carol Reed Sircoulomb
Lives in Wichita Kansas. She writes short form poetry . She has been in a few anthologies,  several online Ezines and was Poetry Super Highway poet of the year in 2001.   She is an artist  Photographer and Quilter. She loves to be on the road with family and friends and runs away from Kansas often.

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