Transparent Words - Nine

Issue No 9 - June 2006


A special edition with guest editor

Philip Johnson

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Madonna and Child - Gary Blankenship
At the Movies - Gary Blankenship
Letter Home to Ganymede (2-4) - Jim Bennett
Jasmine - James Bell
The Bus - Arthur Seeley
Obsession - Carol Sircoulomb
Questions - Carol Sircoulomb
Little Deer - Sally James
Urban Cowboy - Sally James
Alice Right Side Upside Down -  Barbara Phillips
Break Point - Barbara Phillips
Caravan -  Carolyn O'Connell
Early Nothing - LB Sedlacek
Wedding Vows for Ferns - LB Sedlacek
Reinventing the Umbrella - LB Sedlacek
When I Married Her - Norbert Hirschhorn
An Offering of Flesh - Dee Rimbaud
It's Friday and the Don't Send Flowers Anymore - Dee Rimbaud
In Thrall to Lilith - Dee Rimbaud
The Multi Denominational Church - Philip Johnson
Too Close in - Philip Johnson
Under Nightlights and Morphine - Philip Johnson
(the truly ghastly) - Philip Johnson
was it me made the wicked laugh - Philip Johnson
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