Transparent Words - Eight

Ezine of Poetry and Criticism

Issue No 8 - June 2005


I have to admit, I was taken by such a surprise to be asked to edit a special edition of Transparent Words
that my first thoughts were unprintable in any decent church.  I thought; why me, how could I do any justice
to the project?  Then, after a little reflection, I felt it a good opportunity to learn.  To find out what
it is makes successful a read.  To consider further the task and what's required.  Maybe make a better
poet of myself?

I do hope I've chosen wisely from the works received and that for everyone there is something to please, or
even, to inspire. 

I very definitely found this a challenge but have enjoyed it immensely.  

My thanks to Jim Bennett for the invitation to try this "editorship," and my even greater appreciation to
all contributors for making it work.

moon a'la monde -

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