Transparent Words - Poetry



letter home to Ganymede (2)

the bipeds have a thing
they call religion

in this they honour
an almighty unseen
they call God
this God has many forms
other names
and wars upon itself
strange to think
so many do it

it has so many shapes
but the bipeds wet the earth
and form it with their
arms and tendril hands
into a shape to worship

I have watched their
celebration of their God
as they sit before a light box
and it flickers pictures at them
some sort of penance
as they eat;
burnt animals, raw
warmed or cold
growing things
that they give thanks for


letter home to Ganymede (3)

they are odd
these second order creatures
no thoughts to pass
no telepathy
they read the fumes
that pass between them
like a thought
and act unknowing
on the scent
to procreate
and call this strange

letter home to Ganymede (4)

there is a thing
called sadness here
makes eyes flow with
pain has so many meanings
like other words
but different
they feel a pain
without a damaged part
the actions of another
wounds them
without a mark
and pain is felt
as real as battle
so they feel pain
and sadness
and when one life is ended
there is a thing called
that lays upon its mate
like a sheet
and this is worse
than all the pain
you can inflict




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