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AnnMarie Eldon

ex-positions (and the science of mantra-sharps)


I do Hope.
Cum hits my cervix
and broken past swims
against better judgement, I

break. We conspire in whispers
pillowed against heartsí blood groove
the light lightens back stiffens back running down parallel about three
quarters of the way up

ah black lip mother ofpearl
rare, the rarest

you are here once in every about-nine months
you seat onto me
speak chipped flints into me
secretesions my clit a choil my sweet bare darling darings; you

give us this day our daily
cyrogenic quenching
but for now this
is truth.

(but)Iím fed.
Stand on my bed and look down
upon me and put love
on me

and I believe you
yet not yet the knives are out
the sheets Unclean, beautiful
the Keeping of the secrets
a sheen of hope
I do.
I do.
I do.

esmarch resection

lies by the catlinís
and we have slept
my defences amputated. A

virchow with several interchangeable wooden handles
neatly on the frillies between us

and it could go any way
but you turn and wake and kiss to the right your left
with your tongue a sweet liíll sugar cone
in your right cheek
and I peck this

and sticky on my shoulder
is your dried
and you rise

make tea
and the silence brings
cheery cups
but the knives are out

false edge

I love you
thereís dinner which you bought
at the market, with you

a framelock which locks the blade which locks the blade
Ďn the open position using
a pre-stressed section
of the handle,

and cold chicken
good chicken
not cheap/preventing accidental or premature closure.

thank you


marry me to donít ask but say
with a quiver in your voice
and gifts on the counter
bread thatíll not last
this day

but knives out
lies youíll pay me with


time. Thereís always hope
smell of you in my hallway
zytel where weíd shared dreadless exploits
blood taste from your nostril
you breathe and I follow to where

the knives are out
tomorrow, cutleried
somehow strange
and pilliaried,     so

   ah yes, so to bread
I donít do Hope.
I do dishes

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