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JUNE 2022


Exploring symbols and Myth – NEW - 6th – 26th June  2022

Poems can use myth and symbols to explore modern themes. Myths and symbols come from our joint experience and can be used to add deeper meaning in a poem.  This three week course will focus on understanding and incorporating these devices in poetry. The cost of this course cost is 30.



Writing in traditional forms -  6th – 26th June  2022

This three week course looks at new modern ways to use traditional forms.  These forms can be ways for poets to grow the tools available and to find new ways to say what they want.  These forms can produce memorable and exciting ways to explore modern topics.  This is a challenging course that asks poets to look at some traditional forms in new ways. The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of 30 –



The language of shape. - 6th – 26th June  2022

ay structure influences the way the poem is received.  Different ways to engage with line and shape in poetry.  Using endstopping and enjambment and caesura to add interest and structure in a poem.  Standard and non-standard punctuation in modern poetry.   The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of 30 –  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YRKQFPDXJT2VY


Images, short forms, and haiku - 6th – 26th June  2022

This course looks at the role played by images in poetry.  It considers their use in short forms and how they can be used to develop engaging and memorable poems.  As part of this process, we will be looking at the opportunities and challenges presented by short forms including haiku.  The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of 30 -



Sonnet workshop - 6th – 26th June  2022

This short 3 week course looks at the sonnet in its traditional form and how poets are rediscovering it as a vehicle in contemporary poetry. This has alwys been a popular form but in many ways not fully understood.  This course will focus on producing sonnets and discovering possibilities in the form that have  not been considered. The cost of this course costs 30.



JULY 2022


Psychogeography and Place in Poetry  - 4th   -24th  July 2022   (NEW)

This short course looks at ways in which the poet and the reader are influenced by place.  How the urgan environment can feed into the poetry and becomes an essential setting.  We also look at the way place influences the interpretation of the poem  and how to develop a sense of place in poetry.  The cost of the course is 30 



Writing Ekphrastic Poetry   - 4th   -24th  July 2022

The aim of this course is to look at the different approaches that can be taken to bring new insights to poems that engage with a piece of visual art.  During the course poets will be asked to respond to a series of paintings using a variety of techniques. Poems will be workshopped and full feedback given. The cost of this course is 30



Poetry and the Natural world - 4th   -24th  July 2022

This is a short online course for poets who want to look at the ways to engage with  the naural world, and look at the impact of human activities on the world around us.  On this course we will move from the romantic view of nature to the urban landscape and to the impact of human activity. We will be looking at and writing poetry relevant to our changing world.  The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of 30 –



Poetry and Science - 4th   -24th  July 2022

This short online course looks at how poetry can interface with different sciences and provide a way to use exciting ideas in poetry, and how poetry can interpret a scientific world view.   Starting with geology, and onto physics and astronomy.  You do not need a scientific background just an interest in finding new ways to develop poetry. The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of 30 –



Adventures in Poetry - 4th   -24th  July 2022

This short course looks at ways to approach poetry and to consider it in a wider context.  We will look at new ways to engage with poetry and the reader.  To present poetry in new ways and to bring a freshness to your writing. The course will be conducted online over three weeks, at a cost of 30 –




Book any two of these short courses for 50 using the link below, and then please write to us at info@poetrykit.org to let us know which two courses you would like.




Poetry Foundation


A course suitable for those looking for an introduction to writing poetry.


The Foundation Course is an introduction to writing poetry.  If want to write and start to understand poetry and to develop the basic skills to help express yourself, then this is for you.  You will learn how poetry can help  you to see things in a different way and gain confidence in writing about them. . 

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Poetry Course - Part 1


A course in reading and writing poetry.  For the poets who want to develop their skills.

If you have been writing poetry and feel you want to take it further, then this course will help you to improve and show you new skills and how to get the best from your writing. Learn more about poetic devices, structure, editing and form.  We also look at markets for your poetry and getting published.

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Poetry Course - Part 2 


A course in advanced writing skills.  To help a skilled poet improve further.


You may have been writing for a while, been published, won competitions, feel you have had some success,  This course hasexercises designed to help you recognise your style and the potential of your poetry.  It will also help you to develop the skills and understanding essential to achieve more as a poet.

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A one to one mentoring service offering detailed support and writing exercises.

One to one mentoring. Ideas are discussed and foundations for poems developed with assistance and critique in working through drafts to completed poems. This is a mentoring experience and will work with strengths and identify weaknesses in writing style, all content will be chosen to meet the needs of the student.


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A personal critique service.

This is an individual critique service available from Jim Bennett, allowing those using the service to send 10 poems and have them individually critiqued by Jim who is an internationally known, prize-winning poet.  By sending poems over a period of time the participant can use the service to develop their skills and to get feedback on their progress.



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The Poetry of

Bob Dylan


Exploring the lyrics and poetry of Bob Dylan.


We will looking at examples of his writing from periods throughout his career and examining how he uses words to shape the environment of the song.  Dylan regularly broke the rules of lyrical writing and in doing so created a body of work that rewards exploration with techniques and possibilities.


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A Poetry Kit Poetry Course is available wherever you are.  If you are online you can take a course.
You need nothing more than an interest in improving as a poet and internet access.
(One student has taken our poetry course using the email function on a TV and several
through access at their local libraries and Internet Cafes, quite a number using smart phones, so if you have access you can take a course.)
Students from all parts of the world have taken our courses and because of the flexibility of the courses even remote or occasional
internet access has not prevented full participation and a successful outcome.

All courses are taken at your own speed with the support and help of a personal tutor.




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"Jim Bennett knows his poetry, that is clear. He has a relaxed, easy manner and provides feedback that is productive, encouraging and confidence building.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, from start to finish, so much so that I have now enrolled in 'Poetry 2'." JS   (Part 1 Course)


"I have learned so much from you, I really appreciate everything you have taught me. I feel I've grown so much as a poet." CG (Pt2 Course)

"I have learnt a lot from this course, ... I feel that I am better able to structure my poetry, and give it more focus."  IC (Pt1 Course)

"Thanks so much for the excellent course. It's an amazing value for money and I'd recommend it to anyone unreservedly." LK (Foundation)

"I thought I knew it all, the first thing I learned was that I didn't"  AG (Mentoring)