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Poetry Part Two Course


As with all our courses the emphasis is on encouraging the student to produce poetry and to give good reliable feedback.


This is a course of 25 lessons and can be completed in16 weeks.


This course in writing poetry takes the participant on from the point of Poetry Part One and is intended for those with some experience at writing and who wish to develop their skills further. It is not essential to have taken the Poetry Part One Course.  The objectives of the course are achieved through exercises designed to introduce new concepts in writing and challenge the participant, backed up with talks, notes, support and feedback.  The purpose of the course is to allow the participant to build their skills of observation and clarity of language while at the same time allowing their individual voice and technique to develop.  The course looks at a variety of styles and forms of poetry which will allow the participant to build a sound knowledge of some of the more technical aspects of craft while utilising them in a practical and interesting way, with support and reliable feedback..   The course includes elements relating to preparing and submitting poems for publication, reading poems and presenting them in a live setting, revising poetry and editing.  



This is a high grade course and makes assumptions that the participant will already have some experience of poetic techniques, the features looked at on the course are looked at from an advanced point of view.  The Basically the course follows the following session structure.  Each session consists of some of the following.


Some items covered

Analysis of poetry

Use of images

Poetry about the natural world

Free verse



Poems from art and found objects

Avent garde

Critiquing poetry





Fee - The course fee is £95 (UK£)  You can pay the fee and enrol below


   The Tutor - Mentoring is presented by Jim Bennett who is a highly experienced poet and lecturer having delivered courses in creative writing for the University of Liverpool, Edge Hill University. He has worked on developing educational and training courses for other universities and institutions. Jim is a full time professional poet who earns his living from writing poetry and lecturing. He has won many awards over a forty year writing career. He is currently the Course Director for The Poetry Kit.  He has written 79 books, including books for children, training manuals and books of poetry.  He has won many awards for his work including the McMillan Prize, and three DADA Fest awards.  Click image on the right to read some of Jim's poetry.




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Poetry Part 2 Course


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