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The Response Project



The Response Project


PK Poets were asked to respond to each others poems. This resulted in some outstanding poetry being being produced which can read it by clicking on the links beow




Page 2

Song - Catherine Kanaan

Response - Sally James

there's nothing comes to me - Philip Johnson


Page 3

Visits to Grandma - Lesley Burt

Minnie - Irene Hossack


Page 4

Autumn Sunshine - Waiata Dawn Davies

downstream by Jim Bennett


Page 5

this has to be it - Philip Johnson

so this is it then - Karen Stanley

He Was Beautiful... - Bob Cooper


Page 6

Suck your thumb and ponder - Angela Keaton

Money - Tammara Or Slilat

Untitled - Renbrandt Clarke


Page 7

Untitled - Grant van Wingerden

on satillite reality programs - Carol Sircoulomb

When I Wasn't Looking - Barbara Philips


Page 8

When I Spent It Like Water - Bob Cooper

Night Trip - Mick Moss

Midnight in Plymouth - Stuart Nunn


Page 9

A Clear Summers Day - Rembrandt Clarke

a summer evening - Catherine Kanaan

sundown mele - Frank Prem


Page 10

The Bite Of It All -  Barbara Phillips

Love, Cappuccino and Almond Cookies -  Lesley Burt  

Old love - Sally James


Page 11

Belas Knap - Stuart Nunn

Hunting in Dansey’s Pass -  Waiata Dawn Davies


Page 12

the tweedle man - Frank Prem

Untitled - Philip Johnson


Page 13

What Remains -  Irene Hossack

Weighing The Dinosaur Egg - Bob Cooper


Page 14


Naming of the Hours II:  Lauds - Gary Blankenship

my response - Grant van Wingerden

Index - Tammara or Slillet



Exchange Flags - Karen Stanley

looking Out - Rembrandt Clarke

Cut the Juice - Mick Moss


Page 16

Time - Tammara Or Slilat

Page 17

A Long Time Ago - Carol Sircoulomb

Aftercare - Stuart Nunn
Not Dead-and-Gone - Lesley Burt


Page 18

Untitled - Mick Moss

on stories -  Frank Prem